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QIC Accreditation – Standard 2: Management Systems

As we prepare for the QIC Accreditation in late September 2021, in this edition of the newsletter we will focus on Standard 2: Management Systems.  

The QIC Standards require Baptist Care SA to demonstrate that it has quality systems in place. These systems (and subsequent sub-systems) need to work well in themselves and also need to interact well with each other if the organisation is to function properly.

To achieve accreditation Baptist Care SA needs to have a number of good systems in place and needs to make sure they work well together. Some of these systems will be very visible to clients, such as the intake and assessment system. Others will be less visible, such as the human resource system, although clients can usually tell if staff are happy in their work because this is often obvious from the quality of services they provide.

If it is to work, each organisational system needs to be DICED: Documented, Implemented, Communicated, Evaluated and Delegated.

Standard 2: Management Systems has six criteria and assessors will be scrutinising how well our corporate systems and overall client service delivery relate to these.

The criteria are:

2.1 Management systems

The organisation has effective and responsive management systems.

2.4 Knowledge management

Knowledge is managed in a systematic, ethical and secure way, and the organisation uses it to inform service development and continuous quality improvement.

2.2 Human resources

Human resources are managed to ensure an effective and competent service.

2.5 Assets and physical resources

The organisation’s assets and physical resources are managed to ensure an effective, safe and efficient service.

2.3 Information management

Information held by the organisation is secure, accurate and accessible.

2.6 Work health and safety

The work health and safety system is integrated and managed systematically with clear lines of accountability to ensure continuous quality improvement.

Could you think in ways how you meet each of these criteria? Could you think about evidence pieces that could support any claims of meeting them?

The Quality team will be collating evidence over the next couple of months to present to the reviewers during the accreditation process.

Stay tuned, more information on the QIC Standards to come!


Pablo Rengifo
Manager, Quality & Risk

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