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QIC Accreditation – Standard 3: Consumer and Community Engagement

Baptist Care SA’s assessment against the QIC Standards will take place from 21 to 25 February 2022 and will include visits to the Wayville Office, Inner City, Salisbury and Tumbelin Farm.

The QIC Accreditation Working Group (QICAWG) has been established to support the Quality & Risk team on leading our organisation on this process.

As we continue to prepare for the QIC Accreditation, in this edition of the newsletter we will focus on Standard 3: Consumer and Community Engagement.

The QIC Standards require Baptist Care SA to demonstrate that it engages with service consumers (our clients), as well as the community in planning, delivering and evaluating our services. And doing this in ways that demonstrate an ongoing process. In other words, in systematic ways that are embedded as part of business as usual.

As mentioned in previous articles, for a system to work, it needs to be DICED: Documented, Implemented, Communicated, Evaluated and Delegated.

Standard 3: Consumer and Community Engagement has three criteria and assessors will be scrutinising how well our corporate systems and overall client service delivery relate to these.

The criteria are:

3.1 Community needs assessment and planning

Needs assessment and planning are undertaken to ensure services and programs respond to identified and unmet needs.

3.2 Consumer and community involvement

The organisation has structures and systems to ensure consumer and community opinions are heard and acted upon.

3.3 Community and professional capacity building

The organisation works to strengthen the capacity of the community it serves and the professional sector to which it belongs

Can you think of

  • ways that your work meets each of these criteria?
  • evidence pieces to support any claims of meeting them?


The Quality team are collating evidence to present to the reviewers during the accreditation process.

Stay tuned, more information on the QIC Standards to come!


Pablo Rengifo
Manager, Quality & Risk

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