QIC Accreditation – Standard 4: Diversity and Cultural Appropriateness

As we continue to prepare for the QIC Accreditation, in this edition of the newsletter we will focus on Standard 4: Diversity and Cultural appropriateness.  

The QIC Standards require Baptist Care SA to manage and improve the appropriateness and quality of its services and programs in a way that is consistent across the organisation and ensures positive outcomes for our clients and communities.

Baptist Care SA has some policies already in place to address our intent to support diversity in our services and also our people, and these include Equity and Diversity Policy,  Access and Equity Policy and Cultural Safety Policy.

In addition, Baptist Care SA’s Executive has recently approved a working draft of the Development of a Diversity and Inclusions Practice for our organisation. This document summarises our practice on diversity and inclusion and establishes a rollout approach in line with our diversity areas. The priorities include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, children and young people and people living with disabilities.

Standard 4 has only one criterion and assessors will be scrutinising how well our corporate systems and overall client service delivery relate to this.

The criterion and indicators are:

4.1 Ensuring diversity and cultural appropriateness

Services and inclusive and appropriate

4.1.1 Meaning of diversity and cultural appropriateness for the organisation

4.1.2 Approach to diversity and cultural appropriateness is documented, delegated, and reviewed

4.1.3 Links to community groups to support diversity and inclusiveness

4.1.4 Staff knowledge on service groups diversity

4.1.5 Opportunities for diversity and cultural training for staff

4.1.6 Appropriateness of communication methods

4.1.7 Processes for clients to self-identify


Could you think in ways how you meet each of these criteria? Could you think about evidence pieces that could support any claims of meeting them? The Quality team are collating evidence to present to the reviewers during the accreditation process.

Stay tuned, more information on the QIC Standards to come! Remember the accreditation is scheduled for 21 to 25 February 2022.


Pablo Rengifo
Manager, Quality & Risk

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