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    We have provided you with a series of worksheets in digital form using MS Word or as PDFs to document your choices. Be sure to keep your personal information and your financial details, usernames and passwords secure. Do not share private information.

    The worksheets are a resource to collate your information. Each worksheet has instructions on how to complete it. The My Choices guide book has more information to help you complete each worksheet. You can use as many copies as you need of each worksheet and complete as much of each sheet as is relevant to your situation. Some worksheets may have no relevance to you at all. Record as much or as little as you want on the worksheets. You should review and update your document as your preferences change. The choice always remains yours. Some of the larger worksheets have been broken into smaller sections so you can download the sections that are relevant to you.

    Click here to download a PDF of the complete Worksheet series now!

    Click here to download a Word Document of the complete Worksheet series now!

    For individual worksheets see the ‘worksheet’, click here.

    Advanced Care Plans

    My Choices is not a legal Advance Care Directive. However, it may prompt your thinking and assist you to complete that form. Visit the Advance Care Planning website for information and to download the correct forms for your Australian state or territory https://www.advancecareplanning.org.au/ or ring 1300 208 582


    Some of the worksheets in My Choices contain private information and they should be stored in a secure place. We recommend that you keep those worksheets in a fireproof, locked box because they hold important information that should remain confidential and secure.

    Other worksheets can be made available to your support worker/s and they can be kept in a separate file that is readily accessible to your workers.

    If you want to record secure identity numbers, passwords, security identifications etc. then you must keep that information in a separate document and store it in a locked, fireproof safe, in order to keep your information secure. That information should not be stored in your My Choices file.

    Do not share your secure private information.

    Be sure to keep your personal information, financial details and passwords secure.


    To learn more about My Choices consider joining or running a My Choices workshop, click here

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