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‘Still Me’ – Becoming an Informed Friend with a person living with a chronic condition

    ‘Still Me’ – Becoming an Informed Friend with a person living with a chronic condition


    These resources are provided to churches to equip people interested in Health and Pastoral Care Ministry teams to be informed friends with a person living with chronic conditions. Click here to learn more. It is important that all people training to become peer educators or facilitators of the ‘Informed Friend’ program first complete the ‘Still Me Informed Friend’ training.


    This material aims to facilitate friendships with the many people in our community living with chronic conditions who are in great need of ‘Informed Friends’.  The resources are divided into sections:



    1. Facilitator’s Manual

    The Facilitator Manual steps you through how to prepare for and run your ‘Becoming an informed friend’ workshop. It has information on presenting to a group, a full script for the PowerPoint slides if you require it. The comprehensive detail is provided so peer educators can be sure of the message each PowerPoint slide is meant to convey.  It is not a script to be recited. We encourage you to say it in your own words, to adapt the material (add graphics etc) and personalise the program without altering the intent of the content.



    Facilitator Manual
    Facilitator Workbook Cover



    2. For the workshop

    Everything you need to teach the workshop including PowerPoint, scenarios, teaching charts, guided meditation script and handouts.



    Informed Friend PowerPoint
    Chart 1 Grief
    Chart 2 Roles of Informed Friend and the Person
    Guided Mediation Script
    Ex 3.2 Scenario 1 Dorothy
    Ex 3.2 Scenario 1 Greg
    Ex 3.2 Scenario 1 Heather
    Ex 3.2 Scenario 2 Bob
    Ex 3.2 Scenario 2 Justin
    Scriptures for Informed Friend Program



    3. ‘Becoming an informed friend’ participant’s workbook

    Becoming an informed friend participant’s workbook has the comprehensive workbook ready for you to print, including the coloured cover.



    Informed Friend Workbook
    Informed Friend Participant Workbook Cover



    4. Administration and Evaluation

    The administration and evaluation section has all the additional paperwork you need to run a workshop including the advertising and registration form before you start, and finally a Certificate of Attendance, and a workshop evaluation form for you to evaluate the workshop for continuous quality improvement.



    Informed Friend Advertising A4 Poster
    Informed Friend Advertising DL Flyer
    Still Me Registration Form
    Course Evaluation Form
    Certificate of Attendance



    Baptist Care SA is willing to provide the training FREE to Baptist Churches including the provision of advertising material and participants’ workbooks at a time, and place to suit your needs. The church needs to provide the venue including setting and packing up, refreshments, and secure 8-10 participants. 


    For more information or enquiries, please contact:

    Baptist Care SA Church Pathways Team
    T: 08 8273 7100
    [email protected] 


    Click here for Baptist Care SA’s information on the Intellectual Property, Copyright and Disclaimer for accessing and using these resources.

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