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Rudolph the brownie reindeer
These brownies are the perfect ode to our favourite Christmas reindeer, Rudolph.


  • 1 box chocolate brownie mix
  • Chocolate frosting.
  • 1 packet smarties
  •  1 packet pretzels
  • 2 packets edible candy eyes.
  1. Make chocolate brownie according to packet instructions
  2. Allow to cool before inverting on a cooling rack
  3. Spread icing evenly over surface of brownie. This will help your reindeer features stick
  4. Cut into 7cm x 5cm rectangles
  5. Put one smartie at the centre of each brownie to make the nose
  6. Put two eye candies above each reindeer nose for eyes
  7. To make the reindeer antlers, take a pretzel and push it into one corner of the brownie. Repeat this for the other antler
  8. Share and enjoy!
Click here if you would like to print the recipe.

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