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Salary Packaging with CBB

I’ve heard about salary packaging but I don’t understand what it means.  How does it work?


As a Baptist Care employee, you can access salary packaging. Salary packaging is a federal government scheme that allows employees of certain not for profit organisations to receive a proportion of their income tax free.  Put simply, salary packaging is a way for you to purchase a variety of goods and services, as well as pay bills (including mortgages or rent) using tax-free dollars. Salary packaging is the easiest way to increase your take-home pay without working longer hours.


This is how it happens:


Sounds good.  What can I do with my tax-free money? 


Once you’ve made the decision to salary package, you can use your tax-free money in any of the following ways:


  • General expenses: If you’d like to use your funds for general living expenses, then the CBB Salary Packaging Card is a good option. It can be used wherever Visa is accepted. 


  • Pay your debts: If you’d rather use your tax-free money to pay debts, you can set up regular repayments and we’ll take care of the rest! Regular repayments can include your rent or mortgage, any personal loans you have and credit card debt.


  • Tax free dining and accommodation: The CBB Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Card enables you to pay for a meal out, your holiday accommodation and even hire a venue for a special occasion using tax-free dollars. This benefit enables you to salary package an extra $2,650 per year in addition to your normal salary packaging amount. Fantastic! 



So you’re saying I can get money for nothing? It sounds too good to be true…


One of the most common things we hear from those new to salary packaging is that it sounds too good to be true. Rest assured, salary packaging is a government-approved employee benefit for certain types of not for profit organisations – Baptist Care SA being one of them.



I want to start salary packaging.  How do I get started?   


CBB aims to provide you with a customer experience and prides itself on providing personalised service.  When you call us, you’ll be speaking to someone right here in Adelaide.  When you need to see someone face-to-face we can arrange a time to visit.  We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to finance matters so if you need some salary packaging advice, we’ll be happy to help.


All you need to do is phone us on 1300 763 505 or book a time online bit.ly/signupcbb and we’ll get you started on increasing your take-home pay. If you’d like to know more about CBB and the other benefits included when you salary package with us, please visit our website www.cbb.com.au

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