Family Wellbeing
Family Wellbeing

Family Wellbeing

Free, early intervention, short-term support for children and young people.

Meet Our Family Wellbeing Practitioners

Family Wellbeing - What We Can Help With

  • Relationship issues in general (friendships, social skills, bullying, etc).
  • Emotional and behavioural regulation.
  • Family dynamics and routines.
  • Other issues that could affect a child or young person’s wellbeing, which may lead to mental distress for them and their families.

Family Wellbeing - How we can help

We have a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of the child’s life.

  • Short term counselling with children and families 
  • Family capacity building and advocacy
  • Targeted, early intervention psycho-education, in relation to recognising the risk factors that can lead to mental distress and challenges to wellbeing for those that work or engage with  children and young people eg: parents, agencies, school staff and community groups.

Family Wellbeing - Eligibility

Children and young people, from 0-18 years of age, who have at least one responsible family member who is willing to attend sessions and work as a team with their children and our service to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Family Wellbeing - Make a referral

You can make a referral by phone or using our online form. 

Please phone us if you would like assistance to support the complete the form. 


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