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Youth Education and Training

We help young people get their learning back on track with our wide range of Youth, Education & Training Services.

For more information, call (08) 8209 5000 or email [email protected]

Flexible Learning Options

Do you know a young person who is struggling with their studies? Do they need some help getting back on track?  We can help.

We offer a range of Flexible Learning Options (FLO)   so that students can achieve their SACE while learning in a flexible environment.



We practice across a variety of Adelaide regions and use an assertive outreach model to connect with young people in a space where they feel safe and build on positive connections for independence. 

Our team of more than 25 Case Managers work from a relational trauma informed practice, supporting young people to develop independence and engage in learning.

We conduct home visits and welfare checks regularly to support young people to transition back into education settings.

Our experienced Case Managers can link young people with a range of community services to address barriers to education.


Learning Centres

Our team based at the Community Learning Centre work with teaching staff to support and enhance a young person’s learning experience by addressing their wellbeing and transition.


School based

We have a team based at various sites working alongside the school system to provide mentoring and case management to help students complete their education.

We do this by advocating for young people in the school setting and fostering positive relationships with peers and stakeholders.

We provide:

  • In class support
  • Mentoring
  • Parent engagement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Links to community services to address barriers to education


Positive and collaborative family engagement

Our team engage parents in all aspects of a young person’s learning pathway and keep them informed through phone calls, reports and celebration activities.


Culturally appropriate practice

Our Case Managers are trained in restorative practice and operate in a culturally appropriate setting, working alongside the team from our ‘Deadly Pathways’ program – a mentoring and engagement program for young people with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.



NESPN: 100 Smart Road, Tea Tree Gully 

Seacliff: 18 – 20 Scholefield Road, Seacliff

Salisbury: Martin House, Unit 1-3, 107 Salisbury Highway, Salisbury

Glenunga: 70 Conyngham St, Glenunga 


Here’s what one of our FLO participant’s thinks about the program:

“I started the FLO program almost 5 years ago and I can say I would not be the man I am today without the help of Baptist Care and to wonderful teachers at the [Community Learning Centre] CLC… whilst in a mainstream high school you make friends with the other students and teachers, in the CLC and FLO you make family.” Read more 


To find out more about our Engagement Programs aimed at developing life skills, view our South Guide or North Guide


For more information on how the FLO team can specifically support your students, please contact us on (08) 8209 5000 or email [email protected] for further information and pricing.

Positive Pathways for Youth

We offer a helping hand as you make some of those tough decisions about your future goals and career dreams. Our team of friendly mentors can help you brainstorm, share your ideas and provide training to get you where you want to be. We also provide culturally specific support for Aboriginal youth. Call (08) 8209 5000.


Deadly Pathways
For young people, moving toward adulthood can bring up many questions about who you are and what options you have in life.


Deadly Pathways is a mentoring and engagement program for Indigenous youth and is focused on promoting pride within culture and helping with options for the future.


Working with 16 to 24 year olds, our dedicated team will re-engage and support you to participate in education to help prepare you for the job market and better employment opportunities.


If you are looking for deadly cultural activities, increased confidence and a stronger connection to culture, read the Deadly Pathways brochure to find out how you can be involved. Or you can fill out the Deadly Pathways Online Referral Form


To find out more, please contact us on (08) 8209 5000 or email [email protected]

Student Mentoring

The schooling experience and all that goes with it can be a hard place for some young people. A little extra encouragement can make all the difference.


Our Student Mentoring program is aimed at school-based students who need some support to remain engaged at school. Support includes help with tutoring or building meaningful relationships and negotiating life as a young person.


To find out more, view our Youth, Education & Training brochure or contact us at: Salisbury (08) 8209 5000 or email: [email protected]

Duke of Edinburgh

We all know life can be tough and giving young people the key skills they need to cope with the ‘ups and downs’ is what the Duke of Edinburgh program is all about.


Call (08) 8209 5000.


As a young person in this six month community program, you will be challenged to learn a new skill, engage in your community, participate in physical fitness and go on an adventurous journey.


These different areas combine to help you learn about overcoming challenges, making a real difference in your community and taking responsibility for your choices.


So if you are looking for a way to build resilience, go on new adventures and make new friends, the Duke of Edinburgh could be perfect for you.


As an added bonus, all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh are fully accredited and earn you SACE points.


For more information, view our brochure or please contact us on (08) 8209 5000 or email [email protected]

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