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Baptist Care SA Month 2022
Seeking a Just World Together
baptist care sa month 2022

Baptist Care SA Month 2022

Seeking a Just World Together.


This August marks Baptist Care SA’s fifth Annual Baptist Care SA month.

Each August Christian supporters, and churches within the Baptist Movement of South Australia commit to reflect on and pray for the ministry of Baptist Care SA.

We pray for our clients, staff, programs and praise God for all He is doing among us. Events to engage with us are held each August and we invite you to join us this year.


This year’s theme for Baptist Care SA month is Seeking a Just World Together.

The Just world we are seeking is a life of flourishing and Shalom intended by our creator God. 

This August we will join together in praying, seeking and acting for justice alongside one another, and hand in hand with our God. 

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We invite you to: 

  • Show our Prayer Video in your Sunday Service
  • Join us in person for a Prayer Walk through our CBD on Saturday 20 August
  • Join us at our WestCare Morning Tea to thank past, present and future supporters of Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre. Saturday 27 August
  • Share the details of the Prayer Walk and Morning Tea via your church newsletter and Sunday announcements
  • Follow our weekly Prayer Points on Facebook and our website 
  • Invite a member of our Church Pathways Team to share the ministry of Baptist Care SA in your service or preach on God’s heart for justice E: [email protected]   

For more details, please email Ellen Beasy from our Church Pathways Team on E:  [email protected]


Prayer Video

Please play this during a Sunday Service in August

As the community service arm of the Baptist Churches of South Australia, our invitation for churches this August is to play this video which includes prayer for key people groups supported through Baptist Care SA. 

Additionally, please also share our PowerPoint slide inviting congregation members to join us for an in-person Prayer Walk (Saturday 20 August) and Morning Tea (Saturday 27 August).


Seeking a Just World Together

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Prayer Cards

Join us in prayer during Baptist Care SA Month with our Prayer Cards 

One side of the Prayer Card has a list of prayer points that you can pray for each day, as a church community or individually. The other side has an example of how Baptist Care SA works with the vulnerable group. You are then invited to pray for the effectiveness of this ministry. 

There are four Sundays in Baptist Care SA Month 2022 and four Prayer Cards which will be released each week in August. See links below… 


PowerPoint Slides

For churches who do not have capacity to play our Prayer Video, please find the following prayer points for use in your church service.

Prayer PowerPoint Slides

Please share this slide during church gatherings throughout August inviting congregation members to join us for an in-person Prayer Walk and Morning Tea.

Baptist Care SA Month Events PowerPoint


Event: Prayer Walk

Join with us in praying to our loving God on behalf of the most at-risk people within our community at our Prayer Walk on 20 August 2022.
Beginning at Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre, we will walk in small groups to various prayer stations across the Western side of our CBD. 

When: Saturday 20 August 2022
Where: Baptist Care SA WestCare Centre, 11-19 Millers Court, Adelaide
Time: 1.45pm

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Event: WestCare Morning Tea

This August, please join us in celebrating people who care!

Learn more about how Baptist Care SA supports South Australians in need.

When: Saturday 27 August 2022
Where: Baptist Care SA WestCare Centre, 11-19 Millers Court, Adelaide
Time: 10am – 11.30am
RSVP: Saturday 20 August 2022

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Additional Resources


Building Kingdom Communities  

A FREE five study small group discussion guide, considering how the principles of Biblical Justice apply to five vulnerable people groups in our community, providing welcome, inclusion, hope, community and life in all its fullness.

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On Earth as it is in Heaven

A resource for pastors and church leaders to explore what the Bible means when it speaks of justice as a whole church, to deepen an understanding of the scriptural foundations upon which our churches are building just communities.

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Belonging Together On Earth

A resource for pastors and church leaders to build on as a whole church our biblical understanding of justice from ‘On Earth as it is Heaven’ exploring a theology of belonging and focusing on inclusion of people living with disability and their carers.

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