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Care For One Another

Everyone needs reassurance and support from time to time. Sometimes people don’t think they have the words, skills or tools to provide effective support that promotes a full and healthy life. If you feel that you need some training and resources in caring for others, we can help.



We offer a number of workshops, courses, seminars and conferences covering a range of topics based on some of the common issues people experience in life.


We can deliver these at a time and place to suit you, at no cost.

  • One Another Care – a foundation course that introduces pastoral health and care ministry as the starting point for your team’s journey
  • Becoming an Informed Friend – a course to help people provide effective 1:1 support and friendship as they journey alongside a person living with a chronic condition
  • Coaching for Healthy Living – a course that helps a friend encourage a person or family to lead a healthy lifestyle so that they can move forward with their lives
  • Prepared to Share – a course to help churches understand mental illness and how they can be warm and inclusive to those with a mental health disorder.
  • Sharing together – a course to help people become an informed friend to a person living with mental illness


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More information about Health and Pastoral Care Ministry


Our Health and Pastoral Care Ministry team are experienced educators and practitioners in health and community care, nursing and pastoral care. We can provide workshops and presentations that focus on any aspect of these key areas:

  • Health and Pastoral Care
  • Faith Community Nursing
  • Chronic Conditions and Disabilities
  • Mental Health, Addiction, Suicide
  • Vulnerable Families
  • Trauma Informed Approaches to Care
  • Transitions and Ageing


When you are supporting and caring for others, it is important to remember to care for yourself. Our team can provide assistance with:

  • Boundaries and setting limits
  • Reflective practice
  • Strategies for self-care.


For help getting started or growing your health, pastoral care and outreach ministries, please contact our team:
Dr. Anne van Loon, (08) 8177 4905 (Mon-Wed), avanloon@baptistcaresa.org.au
Vicky Legge, (08) 8177 4905 (Tues-Thurs), vlegge@baptistcaresa.org.au

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