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Connecting With Your Community

We can help your church build stronger relationships with people who are vulnerable.


Find out what people in your neighbourhood really care about

Is your church seeking to build stronger relationships with its local community? Want to put your faith into action? We can support you to engage with your community. Then, we can help you design a program or way forward.


Find out about how to create a thriving community

Thriving Communities have strong relationships and community dialogue that connects people with resources. It focuses on what that community is most passionate about, generates its own leadership and embraces diversity in a way that brings out the gifts and resources that otherwise may be ignored or dismissed.


Improve your community engagement

If you already have a community program running, we can help you to consider how it might be tweaked to improve community engagement and program outcomes, and how to determine if it is really making a difference in peoples’ lives.


Develop collaborative community projects

Project funding aims to assist local Baptist churches by providing resources and greater access to expertise to work with vulnerable people in their local community in a participatory, asset-based, collaborative and ongoing manner. Funding is for local, community-led:

  • Approaches to mitigating disadvantage
  • Activities that promote connectivity for vulnerable people and increase the strength of local neighbourhoods against disadvantage.

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Further reading and resources

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For more information contact the Church Support Team [email protected]

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