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‘connections – building inclusive communities’

‘Connections – building inclusive communities’


One in five Australians live with disability (ABS 2015). Many of these people want to be connected into community and have the same opportunity to actively join in church and community life.

Baptist Care SA is undertaking an NDIS Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) project called ‘Connections’. The aim of this project is to work collaboratively with churches, community members, families, carers and people living with disability to locate strategies that build supportive and inclusive communities for people living with disability.


We would love your church to get involved!

You can host a ‘Building Inclusive Communities’ workshop in 2019.

Baptist Care SA will host 20 community workshops across South Australia. These workshops have been co-designed with people with disabilities and their carers. Each workshop will highlight the opportunities and easy wins your church or community service can make to become more accessible and inclusive, and create genuine opportunity for people with disability to participate and thrive. Indeed, we believe that inclusion makes us all stronger, healthier and more reflective of genuine Christian community.


The aim of ‘Connections’ workshops
  • To use the voice of people with disability to raise awareness of what our community can do to maketheir active participation easier
  • To share stories, insights and ideas around developing inclusive communities because we are‘better together’
  • To provide an open forum to discuss ideas and strategies that can develop within our communityvia collective impact


A ‘Connections’ workshop covers:
  • Attitudes and assumptions
  • Helpful language
  • Being accessible is ‘win-win’
  • Inclusion feels genuine
  • Ideas, strategies and networks that promote inclusion
  • We use a range of speakers including people living with disability
  • We share easy wins and success stories you can work with
  • We provide tools for inclusion


Register your interest in hosting a workshop with the Church Support Team:
Project Coordinator: Sophie Laguna 0418 359 225, Project Manager: Anne van Loon 0409 921 337
E: churchsupport-team@baptistcaresa.org.au


Upcoming ‘Connections’ Workshops:

Click here for more details.


To find out more about Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) visit: www.ndis.gov.au/community or click here to watch a video. 

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