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heat or eat

Heat or Eat

Families need your help NOW!

As you know, for many people in our community choosing between heating a home or feeding a family is a heart-breaking reality.

This includes Julie, a single mum struggling to provide for herself and her young daughter. She gives her everything for her child, yet still finds it impossible to both heat the house and put a meal on the table. No matter how hard Julie works, this dedicated mum cannot provide enough food for her child. 

Your donation can help us give hope to people like Julie.

With your support, Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre can help take some of the pressure off families and give them the dignity of putting food on the table, or accessing a hot meal when they need it. 

So please, if you can, give a gift to Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre, and help us help people in need. 

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