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Friendship Program

Are you an asylum seeker or someone with a refugee background who is settling in Adelaide?  Would you like to meet up with an Australian volunteer for friendship and to learn more about life in Australia?


Baptist Care SA’s Friendship Program provides you with an opportunity to meet with a local volunteer for about 6 hours per month (for at least 6 months) to help you:

  • Practice conversational English
  • Understand Australian culture and customs
  • Get involved in your community
  • See new sights and have fun!
  • Share about your culture and life experiences

The volunteer will respect your culture and religion.  Generally men are matched with male volunteers and women are matched with female volunteers.  Together you decide when and where to meet, and what you will do together.


For more information, please contact friendship-program@baptistcaresa.org.au  
T: (08) 8118 5228.  (A free interpreter service is available).

To apply to have an Australian friend, please complete the Friendship Program Application/ Referral Form (your teacher or case worker may be able to assist you with this)


“Most of the people here, asylum seekers or refugees, most of them want to meet Australian people, they want to make friends, but they are not able to do it. They feel shy when they want to make friends… you’re offering us people to teach us how to live, what the culture is, how to do shopping or whatever. The program was perfect for me… Dan is my friend.”

Jon, participant in Baptist Care SA’s Friendship Program.


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