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Youth, Education & Training

Help your students get their learning back on track and get the most out of life with our wide range of Youth, Education & Training Services.

For more information, call (08) 8209 5000 or email yets@baptistcaresa.org.au

Flexible learning options

Do you know a young person who is struggling with their studies? Do they need some help getting back on track?  We can help.

We offer a range of Flexible Learning Options (FLO)   so that students can achieve their SACE while learning in a flexible environment.



We have an outreach program where our team work to engage the most at risk young people in the community to help them reconnect with learning and employment opportunities.


Learning Centres

Our team based at the Community Learning Centre work with teaching staff to support and enhance the young person’s learning experience by addressing their wellbeing and transition.


School based

We have a team based at various sites working alongside the school system to provide mentoring and case managment to help the student complete their education.


We also have Introductory Programs that are designed to support students who have disengaged from mainstream high school. We provide additional flexible learning options with a variety of choices for their individual development. We also have options for Community Learning for additional support.


Here’s what one of our FLO participant’s thinks about the program:
“I started the FLO program almost 5 years ago and I can say I would not be the man I am today without the help of Baptist Care and to wonderful teachers at the [Community Learning Centre] CLC… whilst in a mainstream high school you make friends with the other students and teachers, in the CLC and FLO you make family.” Read more

For more information, view our Youth, Education & Training brochure or please contact us on (08) 8209 5000 or email yets@baptistcaresa.org.au

Duke of edinburgh

Do your students want to achieve their personal best and gain independence while earning SACE points?  We can help.

We offer the opportunity to tick all of those boxes and more through the Duke of Edinburgh Award

In this six month community program, your students will be challenged to learn a new skill, engage in the community, participate in physical fitness and go on an adventurous journey .

These different areas combine brilliantly to help students learn about overcoming difficulties, making a difference, building resilience and taking responsibility for their choices.

Age: 14 to 25

Levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold

For more information or to register interest, get in touch today yets@baptistcaresa.org.au
Call (08) 8209 5000

Adventurous journeys

If your students need some help planning for and completing an Adventurous Journey   for the Duke of Edinburgh Award we can help.


We offer a number of 2 hour Skills Sessions to Bronze participants to help them:

  • Establish a set of values and behaviours for success
  • Explore journey destinations and activities
  • Learn basic navigation skills
  • Practise the safe use of camping gear
  • Plan menus
  • Document risk management strategies
  • Brief and debrief the qualifying journey


We also offer Skills Sessions and Practise Journeys to Silver and Gold participants .


Our team provide Skills Sessions, journey supervision and equipment hire on a Fee for Service basis so please contact us for a quote! Call (08) 8209 5000 or email yets@baptistcaresa.org.au


More information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award

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