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Sharing Together

Sharing Together: Becoming an informed friend to a person living with a mental distress.


Would you like to learn how to become a friend to a person living in the community with mental distress?


A person’s recovery from mental distress is helped by meaningful relationships, community connections, and the ability to actively participate in their community. 


This one day workshop will prepare you to be a friend who understands:


  1. Physical issues and promoting health

Mental and physical health are linked – open a world of possibilities to enable the person to set personal goals to achieve their creative and relational potential as they recover.


  1.  Emotional issues and effective support

Encourage conversations that enable a person to transition through the challenges and losses that often accompany mental distress and stymie recovery.


  1.  Social issues and sharing life

Provide compassionate connections of facilitate participation, communication, identity and mutual friendships with people living in the community experiencing mental distress.


  1.  Spiritual issues and nurturing activities

Promote informed friends who understand mental distress who can share life, encourage, ignite hope, and help the person discover their strengths to facilitate recovery and promote meaningful relationships.


  1. Safe communities for all to thrive


It covers:
  • What are the impacts of living with a mental health issue?
  • What is an informed friend and how does sharing together work?
  • What does recovery, restorative support, coping and reframing look like?
  • How can informed friends support recovery?


At times challenges and crises may occur in the person’s life. An informed friend knows when and who to refer to, and how to provide timely and appropriate support as an effective partner in recovery



‘Sharing Together’ is a full day workshop but can be abbreviated to two sessions of 2 hours upon request.



Baptist Care SA is willing to provide the training FREE to Baptist Churches including the provision of advertising material and participants’ workbooks at a time and place that suits your needs. The church needs to provide the venue including setting and packing up, refreshments, and secure 8-10 participants. 

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook with additional material for later reference.


For more information and to book a course at your church contact:

T: (08) 8273 7100 or E: [email protected]

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