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Spring Sensory Activity: Flower Soup

DIY Flower Soup


Delight your senses this Spring!

After what seems like a long and wet winter, spring has finally sprung! It’s a beautiful season to delight your senses – for many this means getting out in the garden and enjoying nature.

One of the simplest spring sensory ideas you can easily create and enjoy at home is Flower Soup.

It provides a perfect excuse to get outside, go for a walk and pick some fresh flowers.



  • Large tub or container
  • Water
  • Fresh flowers
  • Soap or bubble bath
  • Spoons, ladles, plastic cups and bowls


How to 

First, explore nature outside and pick some fresh flowers from your garden. You can usen flowers from a bouquet – or even leaves,n grass, weeds and twigs from your backyard.

Then fill a tub or large container with water. Float the flowers etc. in the tub with a few squirts of soap or bubble bath.

Explore the flower soup with your hands or using spoons, ladles, cups and bowls.


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