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Thank you! 493 Baptist Care SA staff had their say in the Staff Engagement Survey.

Thank you to all staff members who took the time to participate in our recent Engagement Survey.  With a 56% participation rate we received some really valuable feedback and lots of ideas to help us foster a safe and inclusive organisational culture that reflects our values in a complex and dynamic environment.



A key indicator of this is the Engagement Score which rated 68%.  This is a way of rating the probability of staff saying positive things about us, putting in their best effort and choosing to stay with us for a long time.  This reflects the effort we all put into working together and it’s a great acknowledgement of everyone’s contribution and effort.



Our Executive team will be reviewing all the results this month and creating organisational actions based on your feedback. 



Next steps will be each Leader working through their portfolio results with their teams and creating local operational action plans. 



Here’s a glimpse of some of your responses:



What are we doing well? Positive Neutral Negative
I know how to report safety issues and concerns 91% 6% 3%
I know what I need to do to be successful in my role 89% 7% 4%
I am clear about the expectation on me regarding the
practice of my work
88% 8% 4%



What are our top opportunities? Positive Neutral Negative
People are rewarded by their performance over working relationships 42% 41% 17%
When it is clear that someone is not delivering in their role we
do something about it
43% 34% 23%
Generally, the right people are rewarded and recognised at Baptist Care SA 45% 38% 17%



And the winners are….remember we promised that all the teams with 100% participation would win a prize for everyone in the team?  Entertainment book memberships have been won by the following teams:



  • Church Support Team
  • Community Learning Centre
  • Community Links Program
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing & Fundraising
  • People & Culture
  • Project Management
  • Property & Fleet
  • Rostering
  • Quality & Risk.


We’ll be in touch with each of you soon to provide you with your prize!


Helen Cutler
Manager, Organisational Capability

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