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Strategic Horizons Plan 2019-22

Strategic Horizons Plan 2019-22


Transition Pathways from Adversity to Opportunity.


We are delighted to share with you our Strategic Horizons Plan for 2019-22.

In seeking to refocus and realign our services, we have developed a bold ‘Strategic Horizons Plan’ that outlines organisational growth and development goals, initiatives and desired outcomes for the next 3-5 years.

We aim to develop and implement integrated approaches that enable people to receive the support they need to move along their own unique Transition Pathways and have increasing opportunities to flourish as individuals and in their community.


Desired Outcomes

Goal 1: Transition Pathways – we are committed to finding a way forward for everyone we serve. Together, we will do the hard yards and create the opportunity for a fulfilling life. People doing it tough can step forward with hope and dignity.


Goal 2: Empowered Teams – our staff and volunteers are the heartbeat of our organisation. Embracing their passion and expertise, we will invest in them and encourage the development of quality working relationships, wise leadership and people-focused solutions. The care and professionalism of our skilled and dedicated staff teams will be the hallmark of Baptist Care SA.


Goal 3: Purposeful Partnerships – recognising our strengths, and those of others who share our values, we will forge effective collaborations that increase the impact and extend the reach of our services. More people will benefit as a result.


Goal 4: Sustainable Social Enterprise – our drive to achieve our mission will be matched by our astute business approach and commercially effective systems and practices. Our innovative, risk aware approach to business development will be grounded in sound contemporary management practices.


Goal 5: Influential Voice – drawing upon over 100 years of experience in service delivery to South Australia’s most vulnerable people and communities, we’ll use our expertise and networks to advocate for real and enduring change.


“We plan to do the very best we can to assist people and communities to move from living under layers of adversity toward greater opportunity in life.”
Graham Brown, CEO, Baptist Care SA


Strategic Horizons Plan