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Strategic Horizons Plan Implementation Update

As you may be aware, the Baptist Care SA Strategic Horizons Plan 2019-2022 has just been developed. It has five specific goals and each of them have corresponding strategies and leadership initiatives. The goals are:


  • Transition pathways
  • Empowered teams
  • Purposeful partnerships
  • Sustainable social enterprise
  • Influential voice.


The Management Implementation Plan operationalises the Strategic Horizons Plan and is in the final stages of being signed off.  It includes actions aligned to the strategic goals and initiatives, including management responsibilities and priorities.


While each strategy and leadership initiative within the Plan is allocated to an Executive Leader (we now have four Executive Leaders: Etienne Scheepers, Michael Hynes, Janine Lenigas and Amber Smith, plus our CEO, Graham Brown), Senior Managers, Managers and other relevant staff will also take direct part in the implementation of the Plan.


To facilitate the implementation of the Plan, Baptist Care SA is investing in camms strategy, a software that will enable effective tracking of the strategies, leadership initiatives and management actions.


The Baptist Care SA Board is expected to formally approve the Strategic Horizons Plan 2019-2022 and related Management Implementation Plan at its March meeting.


Pablo Rengifo

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