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Stronger Families – Safer Children.

It has been said that our children are our future and that a society’s level of investment in them is a precursor for the future prosperity of the society in which they live. Sadly, however, recent government reports indicated:

  • The number of SA of children and young people under the Guardianship of the State had increased to 3,858 by 31 Dec 2018 through care and protection court orders
  • A much higher proportion of children under 12 years in out of home placements (10% in SA and 4% national average)
  • Only a small number of families receiving Intensive Family Support Services (30% less than the national average)
  • Our first nation’s (Aboriginal) children are 7 times more likely to be living in State Care than nonindigenous children
  • NSW and Victoria have invested in Intensive Family Support Services and have seen a decrease in the number of children coming into the State Care systems.


Whilst Baptist Care SA’s skilled staff are committed to inspiring and supporting the life aspirations of SA’s most vulnerable children… wouldn’t it also make sense for them to be engaging much earlier with families to address the complex and compounding layers of adversity that sadly often lead struggling parents to have no option but to relinquish their children into State Care?


Baptist Care SA believes children are worth the investment of $$’s, time and unconditional nurture so we are:

  • Actively advocating with the State Government for greater investment in Intensive family Intervention Support Services that can strengthen struggling families and communities
  • Seeking deeper State investment into Family Intervention Services to increase opportunities to ‘turn the curve’ for vulnerable children
  • Grateful for the ongoing support of our generous donors and concerned community members for our ongoing efforts to strengthen families and communities where children are safe and nurtured.


Graham Brown
Chief Executive Officer

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