The Gift of Independence

“First of all, I would like to say thank you to Baptist Care SA for taking responsibility for my life (me) and giving me a better life.  I am really so content with my new life in Australia.  Australia is a diverse country that allows me to be the woman I am today.


One year ago, when I was coming to Australia, my life was so different, in so many ways.  But now, I feel like I got what I wanted which is independence.  I also felt integrated with the community and I have made some lifelong friends.  I have also learnt new skills and Australian culture.


I would like to thank Jogen (staff), who made me believe that men can be empathetic.  He always encouraged me to be a strong person.  And Reza – he is so nice to me and so helpful.  I would also like to say thanks to the Department of Home Affairs and Sophie.  I am so grateful to her.  I really appreciate her precious time.


The gist of my words is that Baptist Care SA has really changed my whole life and that’s something I will never forget”.


Irina came to Baptist Care SA 18 months ago.  She had no-one and was a child in a strange country.  This letter was written at the end of 2019.  Today, she is enjoying living in her own home having moved out of our care in July.  She is thriving and looking forward to her future and the new opportunities it will bring.


In keeping with our strategic focus on vulnerable children and marginalised young people, Baptist Care SA provides supported accommodation for refugees and asylum seekers under the age of 18 years, who arrive in Australia without their legal guardian. We provide a supported, safe, home-like environment where children and young people develop independent living skills and connect to the community to be able to successfully transition out of the service once they turn 18 years. We are the sole provider of this critical settlement service for children and young people in SA.

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