Together, we are moving beyond crisis

What a hurricane of a year we have endured together!


I am pleased to re-join you all and put my shoulder back to the wheel as we endeavour to move beyond the Covid-19 crisis in pursuit of our Mission to provide Transition Pathways from Adversity to Opportunity.


Since returning from my period of recent sick leave (all went well thanks!), I have cherished the opportunity to cast my eyes afresh over the amazing work that you are all continuing to do… and I am so impressed by what I see!


  • I hear stories about the way our clients are responding to the professional and compassionate care that our services are providing to vulnerable people in the inner city
  • I am humbled by the servant leadership and ‘missional resilience’ of so many dedicated staff who have persevered through challenging times. I extend special thanks to Michael Hynes (Acting CEO) and Peter Branson (Acting Executive Leader Corporate Services) and the Executive Leadership Team for the outstanding work they have done in my absence
  • I am inspired by the Community Pathways teams who have had to
    re-invent their service models and learn to function without the daily support of our valued volunteers. Its great to hear that FLO is booming!
  • I notice the quiet hum of focused professional discussions around our corporate offices
  • I am grateful for our Organisational Development team that has been focused upon finding and recruiting more great people to join our various work teams
  • I am amused by the creative endeavours of our Adventure Pathways teams that are running more camps and expeditions that ever
  • I observe the good humour and good will of staff who are enjoying interaction with their colleagues whilst maintaining COVID-19 safe practices
  • I have received compelling reports of rapid growth in the number and complexity of clients now supported by the Disability Pathways team
  • I am impressed by the professionalism of our Care Pathways team that have adjusted to (yet another) period of rapid change as they liaise with the Dept for Child Protection and advocate for better service models and life opportunities for children and young people
  • I witness daily examples of the commitment of our Corporate Services teams and their attention to detail
  • I am excited to see that the Practice Framework is being embraced and implemented across our services with ever-increasing confidence and consistency
  • I appreciate the developmental endeavours of our Service Development team as they have planned and advocated for new services, and the Family Pathways team as they envisage and plan work to develop new approaches to strengthening families and protecting vulnerable children


Wow … what a Team!


I am so very proud of everything you are doing to enrich the lives of the people and communities that we seek to serve.


They say: “Character is not made during challenging times, but I observe that it is honed and revealed!”


It’s not about what you or I can do, it’s about what we can do together… and we are doing great work together every day… THANK YOU!


Blessings to you all.


Graham Brown

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