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Transition Pathways from Adversity to Opportunity

Empowered by the call of the Christian Gospels to ‘be salt’ and ‘shed light’ in lives and communities, Baptist Care SA is continuing to address the needs of vulnerable and disengaged people and communities whose lives are impacted by the three social plagues of the 21st Century:



My life experience gives me no reason to believe that tomorrow will be any better than today or yesterday, so why even try…



I am a ‘ship at sea in a storm’. Meaning, I can’t see any lighthouses on the horizon and I don’t have a compass or the skills or resources to find my way out of despair


I don’t know anyone that I can trust. I don’t have anyone or anything that could help or encourage me. In short, no one cares about me! Unfortunately, our dedicated staff and volunteers see the effects of these three ‘plagues’ on an increasing number of groups and individuals every day.




Do these sad realities challenge you?

Whilst we may feel challenged by these statistics…we can also be inspired by the courage of the vulnerable people that Baptist Care SA works with. They inspire us to
‘double down’ on the work with our valued supporters and the many service delivery partners that share our values and are aligned with our purposes.

Under our bold new Strategic Horizons Plan, we are aligning our efforts and resources to streamline and further strengthen the Transition Pathways that we can support people through. In short, our strategy is to make healthy steps, easy steps.

We extend sincere thanks to all the people and businesses who continue to prayerfully, financially and practically support our commitment to effective change in lives and communities.


Graham Brown
Chief Executive Officer

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