Tumbelin Farm

Tumbelin Farm opens to build new Transition Pathways.


In another bold demonstration of Baptist Care SA’s ongoing commitment to supporting the Transition Pathways of vulnerable young people, we are pleased to announce the opening of *Tumbelin Farm in February this year.


Located on a beautiful 80 acre rural property in the Adelaide Hills, this innovative new service provides vulnerable young people with a safe and supportive place to live whilst they step away from the challenges, distractions and temptations of their life circumstances.


Sadly, as a result of trauma, abuse, family/relationship breakdown and mental illness, some young people fall into ‘self-medicating their deep inner pain’ through misuse of alcohol and other drugs. They tragically find themselves trapped in habits and darker circumstances that erode their health and opportunities in life. However, while living on the farm and getting back to nature, young people will undertake therapeutic programs with skilled and dedicated staff to address complex issues that are adversely affecting their lives.


The first Tumbelin Farm ‘Circle of Support’ (CoS) meeting was held during February with a shy, patient, committed young man, concerned members of his family and a couple of friends. They came together to plan how they will support this young man to become Tumbelin Farm’s first resident – and get his drug and alcohol use under control. They will also be there when he leaves the Farm – with relationships and supports in place so that he has every chance of continuing his transition pathway from adversity to opportunity and living a fulfilling life back in his community.


“We’re under no illusion that there’ll be challenges ahead, but we’re also excited to take this first, important step on a journey we hope will help us all – the young man, his CoS members and our colleagues – to become “Awake and Alive” said Tumbelin Program Manager Ben Hopkins.


“We feel privileged to be able to support this young man whose goals are to get a job, find stable housing, build positive relationships and be fit and healthy.”


Tumbelin Farm aims to ‘make healthy choices easy choices’ by working restoratively with young people and strengthening their CoS, so that support is sustained beyond their stay at the farm.


Baptist Care SA gratefully acknowledges the Federal Department of Health’s financial support for this initial pilot program which aims to support up to 48 young people aged 16-21 for up to 12-months. Baptist Care SA is exploring philanthropic and community funding sources to sustain the program beyond its first two years.


Graham Brown
Chief Executive Officer


For more information about Tumbelin Farm, click here.

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