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What an amazing time we are living through together

Our world (which seems a lot smaller all of a sudden) has almost ground to a halt… so that we can protect the most vulnerable people.


It seems to me that the bold and compassionate responses of governments, the skills of health professionals, and the willingness of business and organisational leaders, well-supported by the cooperation of the general public (who have taken action to maintain sound hygiene and social distancing practices) are giving testimony to the good will and compassion that is deeply embedded within and carried by humanity.


In short we are seeing the best of humanity arise above the pain of humanity… what a triumph!


I wonder, in amongst the loss, pain, turmoil and uncertainty experienced as the world struggles to come to terms with the fragility of our social and economic structures and systems… could it be that, we are actually witnessing the grace and goodness of God being expressed through acts of human kindness, care and compassion?


The Gospel of John says “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has never overcome it” (John 1:5)


Whilst being careful to maintain social distance, I have visited a number of our offices and service delivery sites over the last 48 hours. I have spoken with staff (and students that are doing a great job at our Inner City services), Care Pathways staff, Corporate Services people and members of the People and Culture Team at Wayville. I have to say that the dedicated efforts of our staff is nothing short of inspiring…. What an achievement!


I have spoken before about the 51 Aboriginal people from the APY lands that we are accommodating at Mylor Adventure Camp and that continues to go very well by all accounts. The breaking news is that Baptist Care SA is now supporting another 28 Aboriginal people who are undergoing a strict 14 day bio-security isolation period at a second camp site called Wirraway near Strathalbyn. After their stay with us, if all goes well, SA Health hopes that they will be able to return to their homelands. It’s fantastic that we are able to provide all these people with a safe and culturally welcoming place during the pandemic… what a great endeavor for us to enable!


On a wider front, as result of everyone doing their bit, we are starting to see some really encouraging signs here in SA. As I write this note, we have had no new cases in our South Australia for 7 days now. Wow… what great work SA!


It’s really encouraging to know that our State and Federal Governments are now starting to plan the road to recovery. Accordingly, our Executive Leadership Team and Emergency Response Management Group and Team have also commenced forward planning for ‘our pathway to recovery’.


I suggest it’s now timely for us all to reflect upon the good things that we have been learning. I encourage you to share your own insights with our colleagues and managers so that we can start to re-imagine our next steps forward… how much better could the future be!


Our relationships, families, communities and work teams have moved through a very strange and challenging experience together so it’s very likely that we will all come out changed in some way. Please let’s be attentive and see what we can all learn from that!


How many blessings can we count?


Graham Brown


PS – Don’t forget to download the Federal Government’s COVIDSafe app. They say that’s like investing in a ticket to a better, safer future.



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