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When hope breaks through

When hope breaks through

Baptist Care SA Annual Report 2019/20


The 2019-20 year has yielded unprecedented challenges, but it has also provided a reflective lens through which Baptist Care SA, along with our community, has had cause to see and reconsider our priorities and actions.


“As Baptist Care SA continues to advance along a path of continuous improvement, this year has seen the realisation of a range of governance and leadership initiatives, including:


  • NDIS Accreditation with the Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • Reinforced Risk Governance Framework
  • Development of our Family Pathways service portfolio
  • Appointment of a new Executive Leader for Service Pathways, Kate McGarry
  • Ongoing strategic initiatives to strengthen the capacity and capability of our organisational systems to support the ongoing development and delivery of high quality, commercially effective services.”

Julie Lawrie, Board Chair, Baptist Care SA  


“Under the circumstances of this unforgettable year, the Servant Heart of Jesus Christ has inspired us to shine the light of compassion into the darkness of anxiety and despair that might otherwise have settled like a dark cloud upon our whole society, not just on those most vulnerable. In short, we found ourselves bound to be a ray of hope as we sought to stand together in solidarity … but a little bit apart!”


Graham Brown, CEO, Baptist Care SA.


Thank you for your support as we continue to strive to be a beacon of hope and light as we serve our community.


Baptist Care SA’s Annual Report is now available on our website.  Please take a few minutes to read about the courage of our clients and the professionalism and tenacity of our staff, students and volunteers.



Baptist Care SA, lives, works and walks on Kaurna, Permangk and Boandik lands. We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the state’s first peoples, recognise their traditional ownership, and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, deep connection and continued guardianship of land and waters. We value the contributions of Elders past and present, and are committed to learning from those emerging.