When HOPE breaks through…

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the success of our recent Annual Conference. The theme “When Hope Breaks Through…” was carried thoroughout the day’s program and provided numerous points of inspiration and challenge in various sessions. Many people commented that the wise words of Rev Dr Lynn Arnold’s keynote address highlighted the nature of HOPE as a fundamental precursor to effective work in the social services sector. He reminded us all that a balanced response to challenging issues may include being:


  • Reactive – responding after an adverse event or change of circumstance
  • Proactive – committing to the pre-emptive work of identifying issues before they manifest and seeking to influence the way things pan out
  • Prophetic – boldly articulating guiding principles and future directions and outcomes which we and other stakeholders should aspire to.


How can I see and hear more?

Sessions will be available shortly via YouTube and an email link will be sent to everyone.


Good to Great: Structuring for Purpose in a Dynamic Environment

I encourage all staff to have a look at our bold Strategic Horizons Plan that establishes a HOPE-FILLED platform upon which Baptist Care SA seeks to build a more HOPEFUL future for the people we seek to serve. I encourage all staff, volunteers and students on placement to personally consider and discuss with your team(s) how you are inspiring hope in the lives of people you work with.


Baptist Care SA is on its way toward being an organisation that is well-structured and supported by increasingly responsive systems that are attuned to effectively pursue our mission to transform lives and communities. We aim to be both effective and influential in addressing circumstances that impede the transition pathways of vulnerable and disadvantaged people toward improved life outcomes.


As most of you should be aware, we are actively rolling-out the Client Pathways System (CPS) that will enable us to have critical information at our fingertips in real time. This new integrated system, which should be implemented across the whole organisation by early next year, opens up unique opportunities for staff to be more mobile and responsive to client needs.


Implementation of the new CPS creates an opportunity to review the way we work together and leads us to redefine roles and redistribute responsibilities to establish better aligned and more agile and empowered work teams. To that end, we will be engaging with various management portfolios and teams about how we might realign and strengthen our organisational structure including:

  • How we can most effectively mobilise, empower and enable people to assist those we serve to overcome social and economic disadvantage
  • Disability Pathways which is grappling with the need for urgent transition to more commercial fee-for-service funding and more rigorous regulatory requirements under NDIS
  • Better alignment of our structures, roles and responsibilities to build empowered teams in order to create a more supportive work environment and provide staff with increased stability.


Further information will be made available about the proposed changes and transition process over the next few weeks. In the meantime, please contact your line Manager if you have any queries.


Welcome Kate McGarry, Executive Leader – Service Pathways


We are pleased to announce that Ms Kate McGarry commenced in the role of Executive Leader – Service Pathways on Monday 14 October.


Kate is an experienced leader who has deep insights into the multiple factors that contribute to social disadvantage and a genuine desire to respond to the holistic needs of vulnerable people.


Kate holds a Master of Social Work and has demonstrated strong empathy and understanding of the issues that vulnerable clients face. She has skills in strategic and analytical thinking and sound professional writing skills. She has broad service development experience and enjoys working with and developing effective teams.


Kate comes to us from Anglicare SA where she has held the role of General Manager, Community Support since 2014. She has previously served on the Executive Team at Anglicare NT and has been responsible for various portfolios including Counselling, Social Inclusion and Housing and Homelessness.


When asked how she feels about joining Baptist Care SA she shared the following words:

“I look forward to joining Baptist Care SA in the coming weeks and contributing to the significant life changing work with which it is entrusted for the South Australian community. I am excited to work with you all as your work speaks to my Christian commitment to stand with people experiencing adversity and offer compassion, belonging and healing in our work.”
Kate McGarry

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Baptist Care SA, lives, works and walks on Kaurna, Permangk and Boandik lands. We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the state’s first peoples, recognise their traditional ownership, and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, deep connection and continued guardianship of land and waters. We value the contributions of Elders past and present, and are committed to learning from those emerging.