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‘When Hope Breaks Through’ – Baptist Care SA Annual Conference.

On 23 September, Baptist Care SA held its annual conference at Rostrevor Baptist Church. This year’s theme, “When Hope Breaks Through”, focused on the important role that HOPE plays in breaking through despair and opening up new pathways to increased opportunities in life.


This year we were spoilt for choice with a number of interesting workshop topics and inspiring speakers. We heard from Rev Dr Lynn Arnold AO who challenged our thinking about hope in order to explore how to move forward when situations seem hopeless. We also heard from Stephen Wade MLC, Paul Madden AM and Jamie Getgood – who spoke about GM Holden and how his team were able to generate employee hope and improve business despite closure. It was a great time of conversation, learning, reflection and celebration. 


Feedback from the Annual Conference Survey indicates that 80% of respondents were either very satisfied or satisfied with the conference.


Congratulations to the recipients of our 5 and 10 year service recognition awards, as well as our Proteus Leadership Scholars and a huge thank you to our Conference Committee for organising another successful conference. 


Here’s what a few of our staff members thought about the workshops…


‘Do you really know what Baptist Care SA does?’ – Phil Bunyon, Tobin Hanna, Sarah Pastro and Rosalie Pace

Dylan Creek, Team Leader FLO

My key takeaways include…

  • Comprehensive insight into Community Pathways and how all teams can work together to empower the disengaged and disadvantaged people that we support. Also, some great developments at Inner City with the Food Hub and the Wellbeing Centre planning underway.
  • Great information on the upcoming AOD residential Rehabilitation Farm opening soon. A fantastic idea and much needed service for young people struggling with AOD addictions.

I’m still in the process of gaining a clearer understanding of the organisation’s services and delivery models, I subsequently left the workshop with a much clearer understanding of Baptist Care SA in its entirety, and felt excited and motivated by all the new developments, ideas and visions for the future.


Integration and partnership working across Baptist Care SA – Rachel Kemish and Andrew Jantke

Lisa Grubb, Manager – Financial Operations

Andrew spoke about the introduction of the Client Pathways System (CPS), a system designed to streamline client intake, referrals and client assessment module. In addition CPS will integrate rostering, financial billing and client care planning. CPS will introduce a single point of truth for our clients as their information moves across programs in meeting their needs holistically. There will also be a framework for standardised care planning, a place to include the client’s story, and a section for opportunities. This will allow for better integration and partnerships working together across the organisation. 

Then we broke out into two circles to discuss what ideas we had for increasing integration and partnerships across the organisation. Staff had some great ideas, but the main theme was increase knowledge of other programs. Ideas include getting to know each other and the skills that we bring to Baptist Care SA and how those skills can help our clients, as well as how we promote and seek assistance for clients through the opportunities section of CPS. 

I really enjoyed this session as it gave me the chance to hear from our dedicated staff and how everyone shares in the same goals of making a positive impact upon our clients lives, and some insight on how all of us have a part, in making a difference.


Enhancing Hope through Significant Change – A Holden Case Study

Paul Tyler, RAH Chaplain

The Holden Case study fleshed out for me in a very real way the Core Values of Baptist Care SA, (Integrity, Compassion, Empowerment and Innovation) that underpin who we are and what we do.

Throughout the change process at Holden there was transparency (Integrity), People were treated with respect and dignity (Compassion). People were empowered to discover their unique gifts, talents and dreams (Empowerment) and this was all done in an innovative way (Innovation).

The keynote addresses along with the workshops reminded me that in the setting of Chaplaincy these core values of Baptist Care SA find their expression grounded in the truth that none of us will cast our eyes upon a person in our day who does not matter to God and it is from this position that our values find expression, in journeying with people as they seek out meaning and purpose in their lives.



Measuring client outcomes using the Quality of Life Framework – Ann MacRae

Rachel Kemish, Project Manager Service Development 

Ann MacRae, Senior Researcher at Baptcare Victoria and Tasmania, presented the ‘Quality of Life’ framework and provided the workshop with a reminder of what we mean by outcomes; ‘a change that is as a result of an activity’. 

In 2016, Baptcare Victoria and Tasmania began to roll out an outcomes framework that measured the difference they were making to their clients’ needs as well as their client’s satisfaction with the service being provided to them. This year, all Baptist Care organisations have committed to implement this framework.  It will enable a consistent, national story about the difference that Baptist Care organisations are making across Australia. 

The framework includes eight domains that provide an indication of an individual’s quality of life in three broad areas; Independence, Social Participation and Wellbeing.

Baptist Care SA’s CEO, Graham Brown, spoke at the workshop about the implementation of this framework within our organisation being a 4-5 year plan. 


How can I see and hear more?

Sessions will be available shortly via YouTube and an email link will be sent to everyone.

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