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Vision and Mission

    Vision and Mission

    Helping every South Australian achieve their full potential.

    Our focus is on the strength and gifts of each person we work with as we concentrate on meeting immediate needs, building independence and wellbeing, reconnecting people with their community and fostering good relationships.



    From Adversity to Opportunity.



    Finding ways to make people’s lives better.



    Our Vision

    Baptist Care SA, motivated by Christ’s servant heart, aspires to be a leading, life-transforming agency, founded in a faith community that is engaged in client focused care.


    Our Mission

    Baptist Care SA expresses God’s love and compassion for people, especially those at risk or marginalised, by journeying with them toward the attainment of their full potential.


    Our Purpose

    Finding ways to make people’s lives better.


    Our Values

    • Integrity – ensuring personal and corporate transparency and the highest ethical standards
    • Compassion – treating people and communities with empathy, dignity and fairness
    • Empowerment – releasing individual strengths that promote personal and community transformation
    • Innovation – fostering a culture of continuous improvement, staff engagement and improved client outcomes
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