Winter Appeal 2022

Families are going cold and hungry!

There is an increasing number of people who have never before had to ask for help to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

Families who up until recently were self-sufficient, are now struggling to make ends meet. Often due to the loss of work or loss of hours.

The cost of food is soaring, rents are increasing and bills can’t be paid.

In an average week at WestCare we provide:

  • 653 free meals
  • 260 kilos of free fruit and vegetables
  • 137 free loaves of bread
  • 52 free food parcels
  • 38 free food vouchers
  • 305 customers with low-cost groceries

“The kindness and professionalism shown by Baptist Care SA staff and volunteers gives me the confidence to believe I can turn my life around.”Maxine, aged 46

Together we can give hope…

You will not only provide food and warmth to families but dignity and self-respect.  Your generosity is a ‘gift’ that will provide a safe haven for those in need.


Find help. Select a service.