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Working together
to fill the hearts of vulnerable people
with HOPE

OUR DAILY TASK: To work together to fill the hearts of vulnerable people with HOPE.

Have you ever wondered how can we reconcile the disparity between the good fortunes of our nation with the desperation of our nation’s poor and vulnerable people?

Economic Leaders say:

 “Australia will jump two spots to become the 11th largest economy on the globe by 2025.” (Report, published by the London-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (27th Dec 2017)

Our Lord Jesus Christ says:

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, I will give you rest”
Matthew 11:28

How can it be that, in the one of world’s leading economies and democracies, approximately 3 million Australians are living below the internationally accepted poverty line including over 731,000 children?

What’s worse… those sad statistics don’t even begin to provide insight into the depths of deprivation and vulnerability nor any appreciation of the levels of despair, trauma and forgone opportunities that are often associated living in poverty.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer… but what I do know is that our Lord’s salvation plan is that all people, from all nations, should experience fullness of life!

I know that lives and communities are being transformed every day by you – the dedicated staff and volunteers of Baptist Care SA – working tirelessly with people in government agencies, local Churches and other community groups and organisations “to overcome barriers, develop resilience, make positive community connections and lead fulfilling lives”. By working together, we provide ‘Transition Pathways’ that overcome hopelessness, helplessness and disconnection.

I find encouragement in the belief that the optimism of our actions far outweighs the pessimism of our thoughts. I also believe people of faith are called to be agents of HOPE and I encourage you all to recognise that your daily work is helping to transform lives, families and communities.


Graham Brown

Chief Executive Officer


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