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Worthy recipient receives Young Achiever Award

Worthy recipient receives Young Achiever Award

It’s important to celebrate the gifts, rights, aspirations and dreams of our young people.

Years of hard work and resilience were recognised recently when Xander Bennett was awarded the Tea Tree Gully Council Young Achiever’s Award.

Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Xander has worked hard to overcome barriers, pursue his education and transform himself into a leader and role model in his school community.

When he enrolled as a Flexible Learning Options (FLO) student at the NESPN Community Learning Centre four years ago, Xander was severely disengaged and facing significant social, learning
and health challenges.

Following a year of case management that focused on literacy, numeracy and social skills, Xander completed a hospitality and barista qualification and joined our Bean Buggy program.

As his confidence grew, Xander took on more responsibility and higher-pressure situations.

Xander’s personal growth has been amazing to see; he’s developed self-efficacy, new friendships and is handling setbacks with increasing maturity.

Xander recently achieved his goal of graduating SACE and now has his sights set on gaining employment.

 “I’m proud of my achievements and hope to achieve more in the future.”  adds Xander.

For more information about our FLO program, client-centred approach and other information see: baptistcaresa.org.au/flexible-learning-options