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““They listen to you, they’re down to earth and they’re always there for you.”  – Adam, NDIS Client

Adam’s Story



Inspiring Achievement.

For more than five years, Baptist Care SA has been helping people living with a disability achieve their hopes and dreams. It is a privilege to work in partnership with you on your journey to achieve your NDIS goals.



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Free Pre-planning Guide

If you’ve never worked with the NDIS before – let’s make it a smooth journey together.

Our free pre-planning guide will help you to identify your goals, needs and aspirations, and prepare for your planning meeting with the NDIA.

To get your free copy, email us on [email protected] with ‘Pre-planning guide’ in the subject or call us on (08) 8273 7190.


Let’s work together

Of course, everyone’s needs are different. We’d like to work with you to maximise your NDIS plan.



Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Let’s help you live the way you want.


Having a safe place to call home, where you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable is a human right. When you’re facing life’s challenges, a secure place to call home is one less thing to worry about.

Baptist Care SA will support you to live as you choose and as independently as possible. We can help with daily tasks so you’ll have less stress and more time in the day for the things you want to do.

“They’re really important to me because they help me organise my day, get out and about – everything goes much smoother when they’re with me.” – Michael, NDIS client.

Michael’s Story


Living life to the fullest.

Do you want to live well, have your own space and stay connected to your community?

Together we’ll build on your strengths while doing those everyday tasks like:

• keeping your home clean
• catching the bus
• shopping
• visiting the library
• playing a sport
• and other things that are important to you

We’re with you for every aspect of your life. If you have a problem or something which is causing you to feel anxious, we’ll support you and work through it as a team. Everyone is different, so we never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to issues. Together we’ll find the best solution.

We can support you to link with allied health professionals to help you to develop the skills to become as independent as possible. Our Specialist Support Services can also help you to feel safe, calm and happy in your own space.


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T: (08) 8273 7190
[email protected]

Support Coordination

Let’s find you the right support.


It’s really important for you to be able to make your own decisions. Baptist Care SA can be there to support you all the way, helping you to connect with NDIS providers and achieve your NDIS goals.


“They’ve been great. Three months ago I went to Glenelg on my own. It was something I’d wanted to do without support since I was 16. But they’re the ones who actually got me to do it.  That was a scary trip, but they really encouraged me to get out there.” – Raphael, NDIS client.

Raphael’s Story


Support Coordination (Level 2)

Together we’ll help you build and keep a support network for your life, not just your services. We’ll work with you so you understand your funding, what to expect from your services and how they will benefit you.  


Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3)

We understand your situation may be complex. We’ll work with you to identify your needs, navigate any barriers and support you to connect with services so you receive the support you need.


Exploring Housing Options – EHO (Level 2 and 3)

How and where do you want to live? There are lots of options, so let’s find the accommodation that’s right for your needs today and tomorrow.


Working with you, we will:

• Be respectful and listen to your wants and needs
• Ensure you can exercise your right to choice and control
• Support you to find the most appropriate provider for your needs
• Keep you in the loop so you’ll always know how your supports are tracking
• Use our knowledge and expertise to help you get the most from the services you choose,
• Provide you with support for your plan review

We’ll work in partnership to help you feel connected and in control of your support network.


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T: (08) 8273 7190
[email protected]

Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living

Let’s discover new skills.


It’s a real buzz when you feel yourself mastering something new and stretching your horizons. We can help you discover and learn skills that will improve your independence and confidence, and ultimately, let you live the life you want.


How we’ll work together.

Doing something new can feel a bit overwhelming, but we’ll be there with you to offer encouragement and assistance when you need it. We’ll support you to assess what skills you’d like to work on and how to begin. Together, we’ll develop a plan so you can check on your progress along the way.

We can be creative in what we do together:

• Personal well-being and hygiene
• Enjoying healthy eating
• Lifestyle choices – shopping, household activities, hobbies
• Increasing your self confidence in your community – public transport, road – safety, eating out, social connection
• Successful relationships – social interactions, communication, making friends
• Finding out more about your needs – functional capacity assessments
• Enabling you to make the most of every day – we have special expertise in sensory profiling and regulation plans
• Being job ready and gaining simple financial skills.

We’ll help you achieve more by working with you and your supporters to find ways to maximise your independence, while maintaining strong and effective communication. And we’ll do this in ways that work best  for you. Our qualified professionals will be proud to be on your team!


You’ll feel safe and comfortable.

We have the utmost respect for you and will listen to what you have to say. Although we’re on a journey together, it’s your journey. We can encourage and assist you to develop the areas you want to grow in step by step – we’ll go at your pace.


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T: (08) 8273 7190
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