Donations of emergency relief food

We rely on the generosity of donors to help us provide food to people in immediate need.  

Many people turn to us for Emergency Relief. We do not turn people away empty-handed.

However, once our Emergency Relief allocation is exhausted, we completely rely on donated items to help people in need get through the next 24 hours. 

Your kindness and generosity would be greatly appreciated by those in need.  

  • Tinned food

    Soup, baked beans, spaghetti, fruit, vegetables, tuna, ham etc. Ring pull cans preferred, please.

  • Ready meals

    Instant soup, instant noodles etc

  • Pantry items

    Pasta, rice, noodles. pasta sauce, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Milo etc

  • Cereals

    Weetbix, Cornflakes etc

  • Dairy

    Fresh milk, long life milk etc.

  • Spreads

    Vegemite, peanut paste, jam etc

  • Treats

    Sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits etc

Donations of personal care items

We rely on the generosity of donors to help restore the dignity of the more than 200 people who visit Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre, each week, for a hot shower.

Ideally, your donated items are small and easy to fit into a backpack, which is sometimes all our community carry around with them.  

Your kindness and generosity would be greatly appreciated by those in need.  


  • Soap and shampoo

    Soap, body wash and two in one shampoo and conditioner.

  • Grooming and personal care

    Deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, combs and hair brushes, razors and shaving cream,

  • Period care

    Pads and tampons.

  • Towels

    New or used but clean and in good condition.

Donations of blankets and clothing 

Many of our community sleep rough. A blanket or sleeping bag can help make their sleeping situation just a bit more bearable. 

Everyone who stays overnight with us is given a sleeping bag to keep. Your donation will help us keep up the demand.

Our community also needs items to help them respond to extreme summer heat in and winter cold. 

Your kindness and generosity would be greatly appreciated by those in need.  

  • New clothing

    Socks and underwear for both men, women and children.

  • Summer

    Thongs and refillable water bottles.

  • Winter

    Blankets, sleeping bags and beanies.

  • "Baptist Care SA's WestCare Centre is a great place to get a feed and there's a lot of people here I know. The feeling of being cared for is lovely"

    Carol, with Walter

  • "It's all God smiling on us. He's very happy. "


  • "They help you when you've got nothing. "


Frequently asked questions 

Please bring your donated items to Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre, 11 Millers Court Adelaide, between 9am and 5pm weekdays

Yes, please call us to arrange someone to collect your donation. 

Yes, please let us know when you will be arriving and we will have someone standing by to assist you.

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Baptist Care SA, lives, works and walks on Kaurna, Peramangk and Boandik lands. We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the state’s first peoples, recognise their traditional ownership, and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, deep connection and continued guardianship of land and waters. We value the contributions of Elders past and present, and are committed to learning from those emerging.