WestCare Centre
Our heart embraces all.

The WestCare Centre is a safe place where people from all walks of life are welcome.

Baptist Care SA staff and volunteers work together to provide those of our community who are experiencing homelessness, loneliness and social isolation with a safe space and essentials such as meals, shower and laundry facilities, and overnight accommodation during extreme weather events.

 The issues facing our community are varied and complex. They span homelessness, domestic violence, social isolation, probation and parole, emergency food relief and health. We see everyone as a person to be met, not a problem to be solved- working though meeting people rather than working on them.  

Our door is open for all our neighbours, regardless of their circumstances. Our heart embraces all. 

WestCare Centre 

11 Millers Court, Adelaide 

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday – 9am to 1pm
Sunday – 9am to 10am

Extended opening hours: 

Baptist Care SA’s WestCare Centre remains open during Code Red and Code Blue extreme weather events and provides safe overnight accommodation for people experiencing homelessness. 

Community Food Hub and Emergency Relief
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