Disability and NDIS
Registered NDIS provider

Developmental Education

Unique support to increase independence and achieve specific life goals. 

Developmental Education- What we do

Our developmental education support is unique for each person. We will work with you, your families and networks to ensure you feel supported. We may help you develop skills to increase your independence or provide help to work towards specific life goals. We can assist you to develop your skills and with your guidance, we can make a plan towards achieving your goals and support you to connect with your community. 

What Developmental Educators do

  • Develop personalised plans
    Based on an assessment, Developmental Educators can develop plans that align with strengths and needs and include measurable goals and objectives.
  • Teach skills
    One-on one teaching that supports independence and socialisation including social, self-help, and daily living skills.
  • Implement behavioural interventions
    Positive reinforcement, behaviour modification and sensory regulation for people with challenging behaviours.
  • Collaborate with other professionals
    Collaborate with occupational therapists, speech pathologists and psychologists.
  • Provide family support
    Provide guidance to families and caregivers of people with developmental disabilities by offering strategies and resources for managing behaviours, communication and daily living tasks, along with emotional support and advocacy.

Developmental Education - Eligibility

­As a registered provider under the NDIS, we support children and adults who have an NDIS plan.

Developmental Education - Getting Started

  • Contact us by phoning 8273 7190, emailing or sending this online form. 
  • Your developmental educator will visit you to discuss your goals and how we can work together.
  • Together, we will create plan to achieve your goals.  
  • Together, we will take steps to achieve your goals and continue to monitor how things are going and support you, to make the most of every day.
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