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‘Belonging Together on Earth’

‘Belonging Together on Earth’

A theology of inclusion and belonging for people living with disability and their carers.


On Wednesday 3 July, Baptist Care SA and Baptist Churches of SA hosted the Launch of ‘Belonging Together on Earth’, part five in the teaching series on biblical justice by Scott Higgins, ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’.


‘Belonging Together on Earth’ builds a biblical understanding of justice regarding inclusion of people living with disability and their carers. It explores a theology of belonging that can be outworked within local churches and communities.


One in five Australians live with disability (ABS 2015). Many of these people want to be connected into community and have equal opportunity to actively join in church and community life.


“Our aim is to work with churches to develop their understanding and capacity to engage, include, and create opportunities for genuine participation in community life for people living with disability,” says Baptist Care SA CEO, Graham Brown.


The resource includes:

  • Background Document
  • Sermon Outline
  • Discussion guide
  • Prayer Card.


Intertwined with ‘Belonging Together on Earth’ has been the development of workshops and guides that highlight the opportunities and easy wins a church or community service can make to become more inclusive and accessible.


Baptist Care SA’s Church Support Team has co-designed ten inclusion guides with people living with disabilities and their carers. Their voices provide tips and examples of great inclusion.


 “If I lived in a society where being in a wheelchair was no more remarkable than wearing glasses, and if the community was completely accepting and accessible, my disability would be an inconvenience and not much more than that. It is society which handicaps me far more seriously and completely than the fact that I have Spina Bifida”. 2


The guides are available in hard copy and electronic copy from our website –  


To download the resources, please visit 


  1. National People with Disability and Carer Council, Shut Out: The experience of people with disabilities and their families in Australia – National Disability Strategy Consultation Report, Commonwealth of Australia, 2009, p.12


(Back row) Scott Higgins, Graham Brown, Anne van Loon, Sophie Laguna. (Front row) Vicky Legge, Sue Dixon and Jorja Denton.

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