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Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living

Let’s discover new skills.


It’s a real buzz when you feel yourself mastering something new and stretching your horizons. We can help you discover and learn skills that will improve your independence and confidence, and ultimately, let you live the life you want.


How we’ll work together.

Doing something new can feel a bit overwhelming, but we’ll be there with you to offer encouragement and assistance when you need it. We’ll support you to assess what skills you’d like to work on and how to begin. Together, we’ll develop a plan so you can check on your progress along the way.

We can be creative in what we do together:

• Personal well-being and hygiene
• Enjoying healthy eating
• Lifestyle choices – shopping, household activities, hobbies
• Increasing your self confidence in your community – public transport, road – safety, eating out, social connection
• Successful relationships – social interactions, communication, making friends
• Finding out more about your needs – functional capacity assessments
• Enabling you to make the most of every day – we have special expertise in sensory profiling and regulation plans
• Being job ready and gaining simple financial skills.

We’ll help you achieve more by working with you and your supporters to find ways to maximise your independence, while maintaining strong and effective communication. And we’ll do this in ways that work best  for you. Our qualified professionals will be proud to be on your team!


You’ll feel safe and comfortable.

We have the utmost respect for you and will listen to what you have to say. Although we’re on a journey together, it’s your journey. We can encourage and assist you to develop the areas you want to grow in step by step – we’ll go at your pace.


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