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 Are your church’s pastoral care needs growing?

It could be due to the rise in mental health issues, increasing stress, family breakdown, early discharge from hospital, isolation and loneliness, increases in chronic conditions and disabilities, and the growing requirements of our ageing population.

How can we ‘be care’ in our community?

The ‘Be Care’ workshop will help prepare your church to respond with a health focus in your pastoral care taking a proactive whole-of-life approach that promotes health and wellbeing of individuals, families and our communities.

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It will discuss the how to use health practitioners such as faith community nurses in your pastoral care ministries.

Section 1 Introducing health and pastoral care ministry

Sets the scene with sessions on:

  • Why ‘Be care’ – Australia’s changing social context; theology supporting Be Care; Understanding the health and pastoral care continuum
  • Who can ‘Be Care’– caring for the whole person; concept of care as ‘body-of-Christ’ ministry in  teams
  • How to ‘Be Care’ – strength-based approaches; understanding transition; and supporting self-care

Section 2 Using health practitioners to ‘Be Care’

Explores using health practitioners in your church with Faith Community Nursing as an example

  • Adding health professionals to pastoral care covers setting up a Health and Pastoral Care committee and the requirements for using health professionals within the church context,
  • Example Faith community Nursing covers what Faith Community Nursing is, why have an FCN in your church and how AFCNA can help you

Section 3 What next…

Covers what steps would a church need to consider to commence a health practitioner role including how the Church Support team can prepare your church and joining the Health and Pastoral Care Network.

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