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Tumbelin Farm
Residential Drug and Alcohol
for Young People

Tumbelin Farm

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation for Young People


Tumbelin Farm is a residential adventure therapy program for young South Australians aged 16 to 21 who want to overcome their alcohol and/or other drug issues and achieve lasting change.


“Tumbelin Farm saved my life. I’m 98% confident of being clean for good. If you want to sort out your life, I recommend coming here.”

– Tumbelin Farm resident


For more information, click here to enquire now or call 0455 345 427


We’re privileged to share with you the story of one of our Tumbelin Farm Alumni, Lachlan. 



Located in the Mt Lofty Ranges about 45 minutes from Adelaide, Tumbelin Farm is a working property and has capacity for 4 young people to stay at a time in a therapeutic, community setting.

Tumbelin is a Ngarrindjeri word which means “Awaken and Live”. Building capacity for positive, healthy relationships is at the heart of how residents are supported to become awake and alive by addressing their experience of drug or alcohol use and how it has interfered with their life.

Our residents participate in four areas that make up the day-to-day schedule:

Adventure Life – Getting out into nature and camping, bushwalking, kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking creates opportunities for young people to take responsibility, discover strengths and learn new ways of being. It also helps clients to experience the rush of achievement, overcome perceived limits and connect their relapse prevention strategies to practical experiences.

Farm Life – Working alongside the team’s Farmer, residents assist in the day-to-day management of the property. This could include collecting eggs, feeding the calves, fencing, tending to the veggie garden, building projects, general maintenance and more. Clients gain the experience of a hard day’s work and being part of a team, realising strengths and skills in the process. It’s our point of difference and one that we are proud to offer clients.

Learning Life – Understanding our story and where we’ve come from helps us to look forward. Clients engage regularly with the Counsellor, Case Manager and group work activities to help them understand triggers, implement strategies to overcome cravings, learn about how grief, loss and trauma play a role in addiction and begin their journey of recovery. This is a powerful opportunity for clients to make sense of where they are at, and then launch into a future of hope, meaning and long-term purpose. In addition, we provide support and resources for the clients family, friends and support network as they experience their own journey of change alongside their loved ones.

Home Life – Residents take an active role in ensuring the functioning of the house works. Clients will be part of the roster which covers cooking, cleaning, shopping, putting out the bins etc., all the things required for a normal household to function. Clients learn valuable life skills and are supported by our House Parents who oversee the night component of the journey. Having trusting, nurturing and predictable relationships is a key part of recovery and this is what our Home Life is able to offer.


Tumbelin Farm Journey

A client’s journey with Tumbelin Farm can be up to 12 months and includes the following:

Engagement (1-3 Months) – This includes intake and assessment, withdrawal pathway and making clear the pathway to entry into Tumbelin Farm residential.

Residential Rehabilitation (up to 6 months) – The residential is a 24/7 live-in experience and includes all aspects of the four life’s as described above.

Community Re-Engagement (3 months) – we support clients for up to 3 months after they complete their residential component. This part includes regular phone calls and visits to ensure what started during residents at Tumbelin Farm continues upon re-entry home.

Alumni (ongoing) – clients who complete a minimum of four weeks are eligible to be part of our alumni. Alumni are invited to invest back into the current residents and can include joining in on-farm days or adventure activities as well as other arranged activities.



Tumbelin Farm is based on the highly successful Tumbelin outreach Adventure Therapy program that Baptist Care has delivered across South Australia since 2009. 

Your Application



1) Check you are eligible…
  • I live in South Australia
  • I’m male and aged between 16 and 21 
  • My alcohol and/or drug use is having a negative impact on my relationships, education, employment, health or wellbeing
  • I’m ready to make changes in my alcohol and/or drug use and participate in all aspects of the Tumbelin Farm adventure therapy program
  • I can think of one or more people I can ask to support me before, during and after my stay at Tumbelin Farm. These people will be my ‘Community of Support’ (one or more friends, relatives or other people that commit to supporting you during and after your stay at Tumbelin Farm) 
  • I’m willing to commit to staying at the Farm for at least 2 months (3 to 6 months is ideal)


2) Please make sure you’ve read the FAQs before proceeding.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.


3) Complete the Application Package and return to: 

[email protected] or post to PO Box 185, Mylor, 5153. 
We’ll send you an email to confirm we’ve received your application.




4) Once you receive a confirmation email…

give us a call (between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday) and we’ll arrange a time to discuss your application with you. It’s essential you call us for your application to progress to the next stage.  


For more information, click here to enquire now or call 0455 345 427

Our Purpose

Tumbelin Farm is for young people who are willing to:
  • embark on a journey of change, work at overcoming life-controlling drug and alcohol issues
  • develop a new sense of hope and purpose; and
  • re-establish a fulfilling life in the community.


“Staff have helped broaden the picture of what’s possible and how life can look.”

– Tumbelin Farm resident

Meet our Team



Working with courageous young people who lean into the challenge of regenerating their lives is inspiring, humbling, and a privilege.


Team Leader 

As the Team Leader, my goal is to help participants through the intake process, supporting them while they’re here and helping them to make a positive transition when they leave to ensure a sustainable recovery.


To hear from Travis, click on the Video Links below…

  Equipping you for success

  What is Tumbelin?

  What to do if you’re interested




Adventure Therapy Practitioner

Throughout the years of doing this work, I see the change and progress in the young people we work with. The growth in their confidence, belief in themselves and transformation is what keeps me coming back.



To hear from Shea, click on the Video Link below…

  Adventure Life


House Parent

One of the big things that drew me to Tumbelin Farm was the opportunity to help transform the lives of young people. To be able to see the change because of the hard work of these young men is an enriching experience.


To hear from Mark, click on the Video Link below…

  Home Life





Case Manager

My role is really about that deeper change around drug and alcohol use. We go on that journey together, working through topics like how to look after myself, relapse prevention, and other alcohol and drug topics like values and belief systems.


To hear from Courtney, click on the Video Link below…

  A Journey of Change



My role at Tumbelin Farm is to support clients throughout their journey from the time they enter the farm to equipping them with support and strategies as they transition back to the community.  


To hear from Mandy, click on the Video Link below…

   Helping rebuild your life

About the Program


Before you arrive

  1. If you’re accepted into the Tumbelin Farm program we’ll meet with you and your Circle of Support* a couple of times, and plan your journey together.
  2. Tumbelin Farm is a 100% drug and alcohol free residential rehabilitation program, so you may need to access a withdrawal service prior to entering the Farm to help get your drug and/or alcohol use under control. We’ll help to connect you with a withdrawal service appropriate for you.
  3. As soon as your withdrawal is complete, you’ll enter the Tumbelin Farm community and begin the residential adventure therapy program
*One or more friends, relatives or other people that commit to supporting you during and after your stay at Tumbelin Farm


Each week at Tumbelin Farm you’ll take part in:

  • Daily Routines e.g; morning fitness, cooking rosters, tasks around the farm
  • Outdoor adventure days and camps
  • Education and training
  • Individual & group therapy
  • Community projects
  • Strengthening your community connections

For more information, click here to enquire now or call 0455 345 427

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




All Tumbelin Farm programs comply with the requirements of the Australian Adventure Activity Standards.


Baptist Care SA - QIC Accredited

Baptist Care SA is accredited against the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) Standards, the highest accreditation standards within the health and community sector, at an organisational level.

We take child protection very seriously and have put in place a number of measures to prevent any potential harm for children and young people under our care. One of those is the voluntary certification under the Child Wise Standards. Our Child Protection Statement of Commitment will give you an insight into how we tackle this.

Baptist Care SA is a registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).



Baptist Care SA’s Adventure Camping Services have the ‘tick’ of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

Baptist Care SA is a member of TiCSA (formally SATIC), the Peak Body for South Australia’s Tourism Industry.

Our Adventure Staff adhere to Recreation South Australia guidelines.

Need help now?


If you’re in urgent need, these organisations can help:

ADIS – 1300 13 1340

Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636

Mental Health Triage – 13 14 65


Lifeline Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800

Homeless Connect SA – 1800 003 308

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