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collaborative community projects

Collaborative Community Projects

Baptist Care SA and the Baptist Churches of SA partnering together in mission.

Local Baptist Church congregations represent a unique opportunity to encourage flourishing local communities that are resilient and engaged. Centred in Christ and working in partnership, South Australian Baptist Churches and Baptist Care SA can effectively mitigate disadvantage and strengthen local community.

Project funding aims to assist local Baptist Churches by providing resources and greater access to expertise to work with vulnerable people in their local community in a participatory, asset-based, collaborative and ongoing manner. Funding is for local, community-led:

  • Approaches to mitigating disadvantage
  • Activities that promote connectivity for vulnerable people and increase the strength of local neighbourhoods against disadvantage.

Projects may be one-off or have a lifetime of up to 4 years. A maximum of 5 projects will be funded.

Churches may apply for matched funding(1) of anywhere from $500 and $20,000.

Funding is available to any member Church of the Baptist Family of Churches in South Australia.
Preference will be given to smaller congregations, Churches in areas of significant disadvantage and smaller requests for funding. The resource demand required from Baptist Care SA to support the projects, as well as the proposed project timeframe will also be considered.


*Please note: The first round of applications is now closed. Please contact Collaborative Community Project Officer Ellen Beasy via or M: 0428 864 486 

(1) Matched funding means the Church will contribute the equivalent value of the funding received over the funding period. While preference will be given to dollar-for-dollar matching, in-kind volunteer work or community funding, will also be considered.

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