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Tapa Marnirni-apinthi (Creating Change) - Our Practice Framework 

Tapa Marnirni-apinthi (Creating Change) - Our Practice Framework 


One of  Baptist Care SA’s strategic priorities is to develop and implement a Practice Framework with the aim of raising practice standards and strengthening the quality of work across our service delivery programs. 


Our Practice Framework represents another step forward in Baptist Care SA’s development.  Built after a lengthy consultation and co-design process with our staff, it reflects aspirations, values, methods and theories that are important to them.  It also provides the structure, method and discipline to ensure that when we work with our clients, families and communities, we do so in the most effective way. 


View a short overview of our Practice Framework (7 mins). 



 The core theories and methods that guide our practice in this framework are centred on the importance of people.  Our practice is built around relationships, being holistic and client-centred, building on people’s strengths, working in culturally responsive ways, recognising the impact of previous trauma and seeing family, friends, community and other agencies as all having a role to play in providing help and support. 

Click here to read through our Practice Framework document. 


For further information, please contact Rachel Kemish, Manager, Practice Excellence, Baptist Care SA E: [email protected]