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Tumbelin Farm


“A safe place to be myself and learn about recovery” – Harry, past Tumbelin Farm resident


Harry* arrived at Tumbelin Farm with a heaviness in his heart that matched his struggle to regain control of his life. Prior to his stay at the farm, Harry would spend most days on the sofa scrolling through Facebook and most nights numbing his grief for his deceased father through cannabis use.


Gradually, after some encouragement from staff, he began to share his story and ask for help. Adventure Therapy played a significant role in altering his beliefs about himself, and – most importantly – helped him develop relapse prevention strategies by applying his learnings through rock climbing, kayaking and mountain biking.


Today, Harry is a changed man who has developed a new sense of hope for the future and is beginning to thrive in every aspect of his life. He has gained part-time employment and is continuing to build and engage in positive relationships.


Since this residential adventure therapy program opened in February, six young men, including Harry, have lived on the property and actively contributed to the running of the farm.


Adventure Therapy Manager Ben Hopkins said that while COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to the lives of young South Australians, Tumbelin Farm can provide a secure environment to help them find stability to get their life back on track.


“No doubt the months ahead will continue to be a testing period for vulnerable young people in our community. Increased levels of anxiety and stress – which we know are impacting already – mean drug and alcohol use is likely to increase as young people struggle to cope.


“It’s in times of great challenge like these that many people approach or even hit ‘rock bottom’. Some will be moved to reach out for help – perhaps for the first time – and when they do, we want them to know that Tumbelin Farm is here for them.”

If you know someone aged 16-21 who wants to embark on a journey of change to overcome their alcohol/or other drug issues, please get in touch with our Tumbelin Farm team by
T: 0455 345 427 or E: tumbelinfarm@baptistcaresa.org.au


To learn more about Tumbelin Farm, click here.


*Not his real name.