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Adventure Therapy

Adventure and the great outdoors go hand in hand when it comes to helping people connect, reflect on their lives and explore change. Are you living life to the full and being the best version of you? Perhaps you’re struggling with challenges that are making life and relationships difficult? Maybe you want to develop your leadership skills? Adventure Therapy programs can be a great way to embark on a journey of change, discovery and learn to apply your strengths and increase your wellbeing.


Find confidence and self belief…

Tumbelin-"Awaken & Live"

Tumbelin is an Adventurous Journey Program
for young people who want to feel “Awake & Alive”.


Are you a young person?

Where are you at?
– Be brave, be honest, be me
Where do you want to be?
– Dare to dream
– Imagine change

Camping can be a great setting for conversation and community. Tumbelin (a Ngarrindjeri word meaning “Awaken and Live”) – our Alcohol and Other Drug Adventure Therapy Program – helps young people discover new strengths, resilience and abilities within themselves. The capacity to establish and build positive healthy relationships, together with a new sense of hope and purpose, encourages participants to take charge of their future.


Through peer support and mentoring, our compassionate Adventure Therapy staff connect with individuals to support them to build strategies to move forward in their lives. The program focuses on relationships and changing behaviours through:

  • Group Based Experiential Learning
  • Restorative Practice
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Person Centred Approach
  • Reflective Practice


Eligibility and Conditions

  • Young people aged 13-18
  • Typical engagement is over 2 terms (6 months)
  • Follow up at 3 months after exit
  • Participants in Youth Intensive Programs have known alcohol/and or drug use
  • Resident in the Murray, Mallee, Fleurieu and Adelaide Hills, Limestone Coast and Port Lincoln regions

Tumbelin program offerings include; Case Management, Coaching (families and youth), School Based Workshops, Group Work and Adventure Therapy Programs.

If you or someone you know is suffering from low self-esteem, depression and/or substance abuse and you think our Tumbelin program might help, please get in touch.

Our conversation starts with the individual in need. Our Tumbelin Case Manager will be there to journey the hard stuff with them.

Check out our brochures to find out more…
Adelaide Hills/Murray Mallee Brochure
Mt Gambier Brochure
Port Lincoln Brochure

Adelaide Hills, Murray, Mallee and Fleurieu regions:
T (08) 8388 5234
32 Wingrove road, Mylor SA 5153
Limestone Coast:
T (08) 8723 1456
159 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier SA 5290
Port Lincoln:
T (08) 8683 4464
14 Edinburgh Street, Port Lincoln SA 5606


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Our Adventure Camping team can provide registered facilitators to deliver the DRUMBEAT program at your site, school or another mutually convenient location – we can even drum outdoors!

Call (08) 8388 5234.

Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts

There is something about drumming that brings people together. For thousands of years in ancient cultures the therapeutic nature of drumming allowed people to tell stories, meditate and grow spiritually.

In 2003, Holyoake – a leading provider of drug and alcohol counselling and support services – developed a program called DRUMBEAT to use music, psychology and neurobiology to connect with others and build team spirit.

Our Adventure Camping team can provide registered facilitators to deliver the DRUMBEAT program at your site, school or another mutually convenient location – we can even drum outdoors! We also have Djembe drums for hire. Contact us to find out more (08) 8388 5234.

More information about DRUMBEAT

Tailor Made Programs

If you’d like to find out how we can tailor an adventure therapy program and pursue the outcomes that you or someone you know would like to achieve, please give us a call on 08 8388 5234.

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