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Including young people with disability into faith community life. Informed by young people living with disability, care givers/parents with lived experience, and professionals working with young people living with disability. 

Course structure: 5 x lessons with video tutorials and accompanying guides





Facilitating disability inclusive communities

Course structure: 1 x 1 hour lesson with accompanying resources.

Delivery: Online and/or in person workshop.




Biblical Justice

Belonging together on Earth

Exploring the theology of belonging by focusing on the inclusion of people living with disability and their carers.

Course structure: Single session with resources prepared by Rev Scott Higgins.

Delivery: TBA


On Earth as it is in  Heaven 

Exploring the theology of belonging by focusing on the inclusion of people living with disability and their carers.

Course structure: Single session with with accompanying resources prepared by Rev Scott Higgins

Delivery: TBA 

Health and Wellbeing

Be Care 

Growing an effective pastoral care ministry using a biblical, holistic and compassionate approach to delivering care and facilitating and promoting health and wellbeing.

Course structure: 7 x 1 hour lessons with video tutorials and accompanying notes. 

Delivery: Online.


Hope Pack and Share Care Pack

A 21 day wellness tool to foster a natural and safe friendship and encourage hopeful thinking and positive self-talk shared by person living with a mental health condition and a buddy.

The Hope Pack was developed from a Christian perspective, while the Share Care Pack uses a non-faith based approach.

Course structure: PDF files for reproduction (21 letters and envelopes, encouragers and gifts)

Delivery: Online resources for purchase by email.


My Life Healthy Living Journal

Encouraging people living with chronic conditions, mental health issues and/or disability to create a wellness vision for their life.

Course structure: TBA

Delivery: TBA


My Choices 

Consider personal preferences and make practical preparations that facilitate quality end-of-life support. 

Course structure: 5 x sections with guides and worksheets

Delivery: Online and/or in person workshop.


Section 1

Section 2 

Section 3 

Section 4 

Section 5 

The My Choices Guide is available for purchase for $15.  Enquire now.


Baptist Care SA, lives, works and walks on Kaurna, Permangk and Boandik lands. We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the state’s first peoples, recognise their traditional ownership, and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, deep connection and continued guardianship of land and waters. We value the contributions of Elders past and present, and are committed to learning from those emerging.