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Including young people with disability into faith community life. Informed by young people living with disability, care givers/parents with lived experience, and professionals working with young people living with disability. 

Course structure: 5 x lessons with video tutorials and accompanying guides





Facilitating disability inclusive communities

Course structure: 1 x 1 hour lesson with accompanying resources.

Delivery: Online and/or in person workshop.




Biblical Justice

Belonging together on Earth

Exploring the theology of belonging by focusing on the inclusion of people living with disability and their carers.

Course structure: Single session with resources prepared by Rev Scott Higgins.

Delivery: TBA


On Earth as it is in  Heaven 

Exploring the theology of belonging by focusing on the inclusion of people living with disability and their carers.

Course structure: Single session with with accompanying resources prepared by Rev Scott Higgins

Delivery: TBA 

Health and Wellbeing

Be Care 

Growing an effective pastoral care ministry using a biblical, holistic and compassionate approach to delivering care and facilitating and promoting health and wellbeing.

Course structure: 7 x 1 hour lessons with video tutorials and accompanying notes. 

Delivery: Online.


Hope Pack and Share Care Pack

A 21 day wellness tool to foster a natural and safe friendship and encourage hopeful thinking and positive self-talk shared by person living with a mental health condition and a buddy.

The Hope Pack was developed from a Christian perspective, while the Share Care Pack uses a non-faith based approach.

Course structure: PDF files for reproduction (21 letters and envelopes, encouragers and gifts)

Delivery: Online resources for purchase by email.


My Life Healthy Living Journal

Encouraging people living with chronic conditions, mental health issues and/or disability to create a wellness vision for their life.

Course structure: TBA

Delivery: TBA


My Choices 

Consider personal preferences and make practical preparations that facilitate quality end-of-life support. 

Course structure: 5 x sections with guides and worksheets

Delivery: Online and/or in person workshop.


Section 1

Section 2 

Section 3 

Section 4 

Section 5 

The My Choices Guide is available for purchase for $15.  Enquire now.


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