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Tom’s Story

Tom’s Story

Tom was 9 when he was referred to Baptist Care SA. He and his Dad really wanted to be able to live together again, but without a safe and stable home, this was not possible.


The suggestion was made that perhaps Tom’s Dad could move in with him, in his Baptist Care SA house. Together, DCP, the Baptist Care SA team and Tom’s Dad worked to establish a viable transition plan. Careful thought was given to every aspect of daily living, each individual’s emotions, behaviours and needs.


Tom’s Dad started by visiting while the staff were on duty so he could learn the household routines and support Tom’s needs. Practical things such as how to take Tom to school (on the bus as his Dad didn’t have a driving licence) were experienced together. Over time, Tom and his Dad had more time alone.


During this time, Tom’s Dad was successful in gaining his own home. He still visited Tom, but Tom also had sleepovers at his father’s new house.


Six months after Tom came to Baptist Care SA, he was able to move back in with his Dad. This unique transition was made possible by the support and involvement of everyone involved in Tom’s care, especially his Baptist Care SA carers.


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