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Resources & Tools

We can provide a range of resources and tools to support you in your care activities.
It is our hope that these resources help you to better care for the people in your community.

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"my life" a healthy living journal

A healthy life requires a balanced approach, helping people to experience a sense of fulfillment and wellbeing. Life is made up of various dimensions that together influence health. These include movement, work, emotions, nutrition, friends, family, spirituality and medical management.


The ‘My Life’ Healthy Living journal encourages people living with chronic conditions, mental health issues and disability to do more than just manage their condition.  It helps create a wellness vision for their life and communicate this with their support team.

The journal has five sections:

1. Look

  • My personal information
  • My health
  • My assessment


2. Think

  • My vision
  • My strengths
  • My circle of support


3. Act

  • My goals
  • My plan
  • My progress


4. The Model for Healthy Living Dimensions


5. My Current Health



Click on the links below to download the PDF Worksheets…

Once filled out, the journal can be used to share information with a support team so that they understand the individual’s plans, goals and instructions.

More information or want a copy of the journal? Please contact
Dr Anne van Loon, (08) 8177 4905 (Mon-Wed),

Vicky Legge, (08) 8177 4905 (Tues-Thurs),


Hope Pack & Care Share Pack

“21 days…doing life together”
We have developed a resource to help you encourage individuals to develop hopeful thinking and positive self-talk, and life enhancing habits to assist people in their recovery from mental health conditions.

Our Hope Pack and Share Care Pack help people living with mental health conditions to structure into each day simple and positive behaviour to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Both packs have a similar structure. The Hope Pack is developed from a Christian perspective, while the Share Care Pack uses a non-faith based approach. They are designed as a wellness tool that fosters a natural and safe friendship between a person living with a mental health condition and a buddy, who motivates the person for 21 days and beyond.

The packs contain 21 days of…

  • 21 letters
  • 21 envelopes
  • Encouragers
  • Gifts
  • CD/DVD of instructions
  • PDF files to reproduce the pack for ongoing use


The packs can also be used in churches, community mental health services, community support groups and prisoner pre-release programs. They should be used with a friend/buddy who provides encouragement and support to the person.

If you’d like to learn more about the Hope Pack or Share Care Pack, please contact us (08) 8273 7100.

The Hope Pack and Share Care Pack can be purchased for $44 each (includes GST)

Please fill out this Order Form

Or contact Anne van Loon or Lindy Gower


*Funded by the Commonwealth Government Partners in Recovery innovations Grant and Baptist Care SA

‘still me’ – becoming an informed friend

Companionship is pivotal in the lives of people living with a chronic condition. Often they just need someone to check in, keep in touch and listen to them.

If you would like to be a positive influence in the life of someone living with a chronic condition, our ‘Still Me’ resources can help people provide 1:1 support and friendship.

Administration & Evaluation

Certificate of Attendance
Course Evaluation form


Informed Friend Advertising A4 Poster
Informed Friend Advertising DL Flyer
Still Me Registration Form


Chart 1 Grief
Chart 2 Roles of Informed Friend and the Person
Guided Mediation Script

Facilitator Training Workbook

Facilitator Manual
Facilitator Workbook Cover

Informed Friend

Informed Friend PowerPoint
Informed Friend Workbook
Informed Friend Participant Workbook Cover


Ex 3.2 Scenario 1 Dorothy
Ex 3.2 Scenario 1 Greg
Ex 3.2 Scenario 1 Heather
Ex 3.2 Scenario 2 Bob
Ex 3.2 Scenario 2 Justin

Scriptures Program

Scriptures for Informed Friend Program
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If you would like us to host a two day workshop to help you get started, please get in touch.
Anne van Loon, (08) 8177 4905, 0409 921 337,

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