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QIC Accreditation – Standard 1: Governance

Baptist Care SA will be undertaking an external assessment against the QIC Standards for Health and Community Services on the week starting 27 September. As part of the process, external assessors will be reviewing the services and programs that our organisation delivers and will include visits to selected sites to observe our work.

To get familiar with the QIC Standards we will share what each of the five standards is about and how these relate to our work over the next few editions of the internal newsletter. 

Standard 1: Governance addresses the quality of the organisation and how its mission and vision, strategy, policies and organisational management systems support the service delivery.  This standard has nine criteria and assessors will be scrutinising how well our corporate services relate to these.

The criteria are:

1.1 Strategy and planning

The organisation has a clear strategic direction that is aligned with its purpose, vision, values and service priorities.

1.6 Risk management

Risk is identified, assessed and controlled across the whole organisation.

1.2 Organisational accountability

The organisation has transparent assignment and monitoring of responsibility.

1.7 Legal and regulatory compliance

The organisation ensures compliance with all contracts, laws and regulations.

1.3 Service agreements and partnerships

The organisation enters into formal service agreements and/or partnerships to ensure a continuous and sustainable service.

1.8 Quality management

The organisation has a culture of continuous quality improvement.

1.4 Collaboration and strategic positioning

The organisation collaborates with other organisations and positions itself strategically in the wider service sector.

1.9 Feedback management

The organisation has a transparent and responsive feedback system.

1.5 Financial management

The organisation’s financial management reflects its strategic goals and supports an efficient and sustainable service.

Please will you

  • think about the ways your work meets each of these criteria?
  • consider what evidence you can provide to support your compliance?

Our Quality team will be collating evidence over the next two months to present to the reviewers during the accreditation process.

Stay tuned, more information on the QIC Standards to come!

Pablo Rengifo
Manager, Quality & Risk

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